Lab Members

Lucas Souza

Lucas A.C. Souza, PhD.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. from Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. “I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of neurogenic hypertension and the role of different neuronal circuitries play on the regulation of blood pressure."

Lucas Souza

Caleb J. Worker

Graduate Student, CMPP

Silvana Cooper

Silvana G. Cooper

Graduate Student, CMPP

“I am very fascinated by the neuronal control and regulation of hypertension. I am in the training to become the best neural-cardiovascular and electrophysiologist. Outside of lab you can find me spending time with my friends and tracking down my dog (Kyle).”

Simindokht Aliabadi

Simindokht Aliabadi

Graduate Student, Nutrition

"I am interested in the brain circuits and how they can regulate the cardiometabolic functions. I believe that with positivity and persistence we make scientific discoveries that can change the world for the better"

Gerald Bustos

Gerald Bustos

Research Associate

Ariana Julia Gayban

Ariana Julia Gayban

Undergraduate Student

“Hello, I am currently a senior biochemistry major at UNR. Outside of my love for research, I enjoy drawing and fine art. My favorite artist is Caravaggio!”

Lab Alumni

Former Post-Docs

  • Dr. Fatima Trebak (05/2017-07/2019)
  • Dr. Dane D. Jensen (08/2015-12/2017)
  • Dr. Chengyuan Feng (08/2016-03/2017)
  • Dr. Wencheng Li (04/2010-05/2015)
  • Dr. Hua Peng (06/2010-02/2013)

Former Graduate Students

  • Michelle Sullivan, PhD in 2015
  • Sanzida Afrin, Masters Degree in 2020
  • Minhazul Mohsin, Masters Degree in 2020

Former Undergraduate Student Researchers

  • Thananun Anakatumpunya (2019-2020, UNR),
  • Zachary Bohrer (2019-2020, UNR)
  • Megan Halfacre, (2019-2020), Undergraduate Student in IURP from University Manchester, UK
  • Trevor Watkins (2017-2018, UNR)
  • Silvana Cooper (2015-2018, UNR)
  • Cristal Sepulveda (2017, UNR)
  • Callum Kirby (2016-2017), Undergraduate Student in IURP from University Manchester, UK
  • Blake D. Rogers (2016-2017, UNR)
  • Sophie A. Buller (2015-2016), Undergraduate Student in IURP from University Manchester, UK
  • Jenni Robinson (2014-2015, Colorado State University)
  • Caleb Worker (2013-2015, Colorado State University)
  • Christie Kimball (2011-2013), Tulane University School of Medicine
  • Theresa Cao (2011-2014), Tulane University School of Medicine

Former Medical Students Researchers

Medical Student from UNR School of Medicine:

  • Brenda J. Shen (2018)

Medical Student from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan:

  • Yuki Murata (2019)
  • Hiroki Tanaka (2018)
  • Andi Wa (2017)
  • Rieko Yamato (2016)