Resident Handbook: Section 1

This handbook has been prepared as a guide and reference for all residents.* The purpose of written policies is to establish guidelines of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine** regarding postgraduate medical education and the responsibilities of a resident. This policy book, however, is neither a contract of employment nor a guarantee of future training for any particular time period. Formal agreements of any kind are recognized only when they are in writing and signed by a designated School of Medicine official.

Appendix I is the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education (BOR) Statement Codification on Policy Statements on Resident Physicians, and Post-Doctoral Fellows. All statements in this policy manual are governed by this document. Please be familiar with the BOR statement.

Please read the contents of this handbook carefully. This is one of the many channels of communication we maintain to create a productive learning environment. All residents should use this book as a reference to answer questions regarding any of our policies. It is hoped that the use of these policies will assist in working in a fair and equitable manner. This policy book will be reviewed annually and amended and updated as needed. Again, residents are expected to become familiar with and comply with all policies set forth in this policy book.