Employee of the Quarter


Nominate someone as Employee of the Quarter! The Employee of the Quarter award recognizes outstanding employees of UNR Med and is based on peer nominations and service to UNR Med's core values. Nominate someone you appreciate today.

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Award Eligibility

The Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes outstanding employees of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine (UNR Med).

Nominees must be current classified staff, or administrative faculty employees. Nominees must have been employed at UNR Med with a 50% FTE or more for one (1) or more years. Nominees who have won in the previous two (2) years are not eligible

To recognize an academic faculty member, please submit a nomination for the E.W. Richardson Excellence in Teaching award, the Thomas J. Scully Praeceptor Carissimus Award or one of several awards coordinated through the Office of the Provost.

Award Nominations

Nominations can be submitted at anytime during the year. Nominations are due during the last month of each quarter. Deadlines will be published in Nevada Medicine Weekly. Nominations received after the closing date will be held for consideration in the following quarter.

Nominations may be submitted by supervisors, co-workers, alumni, students, residents, etc. Nominations will be submitted through Qualtrics and confirmed for eligibility prior to evaluation and selection.

Award nominees, their supervisors and nominators will receive a letter informing them of the result of their nomination. Nominators will be notified in the event the nominee does not meet eligibility criteria.

Evaluation and Selection

A selection committee will be appointed by the Dean with representation from across the institution and the Dean's office. Selection committee members will consist of classified, and faculty employees representing a diverse population of UNR Med.

The Employee of the Quarter Award recipient will be announced on the display monitors in Pennington Medical Education, Pennington Health Sciences and the Center for Molecular Medicine.

Review of Nominee

The following are UNR Med's Core Values by which nominees will be considered. Nominations are not required to include all values, but should make every effort to be thorough. The descriptions below each value are not an exhaustive list, but are designed to help you think of some examples for your nominee.

  • Innovate and Improve: works well without delegation or much instruction; proactively identifies and starts needed projects; perseveres in difficult situations to get the job done; demonstrates interest in continuous quality improvement for themselves and for their team
  • Succeed with Trust and Respect: demonstrates specialized knowledge in an area of expertise; exemplary customer service through equitable treatment of both internal and external "customers"; treats everyone with respect, honesty, and compassion
  • Serve with Integrity: demonstrates competent work (i.e., work that is efficient, accurate, useful and reliable); exemplifies integrity and accountability by delivering on promises and accepting responsibility
  • People are our Strength: sees and shares a vision for the team's future, regardless of position; positively influences others to participate in activities; successfully builds teams that accomplish their set objectives