True North Star award program

The True North STAR Award Program is to recognize and celebrate employees who demonstrate exceptional contributions, service, accomplishments, cost savings and going above and beyond regular work expectations to support UNR Med and/or their departmental goals.  Contributions recognized should reflect UNR Med core values where applicable:

  • People are our strength
  • We serve with integrity
  • We innovate and improve
  • We succeed with trust and respect

Program eligibility

All active regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible to be nominated (including senior managers and directors). Temporary employees may be eligible at the department’s discretion.

The staff member must be on active pay status or approved leave; and have a satisfactory work performance.

An employee's receipt of an award under the True North Star Award Program does not preclude them from being nominated for other awards.

The staff member must have completed their probationary period, if applicable; on active pay status or approved leave; and must have received a satisfactory or better overall rating on their most recent annual performance evaluation. If they have not yet received an annual evaluation, their manager may be contacted for input to confirm that they meet the eligibility requirements.

STAR award categories

  • Shining STAR: Recognizes individual employees who embody UNR Med’s core values by consistently bringing energy, enthusiasm and positivity to the workplace. They improve morale and let people know they are valued. They may complete a special project or develop a considerable cost savings. 
  • Co-STAR: Recognizes a team (departmental or cross-departmental) of employees that develop or implement significant projects or initiatives that contribute to the accomplishment of UNR Med’s goals.
  • North STAR: Recognizes individual employees who exhibit outstanding leadership that embodies UNR Med’s core values.

Awards and communications

The award is to formally recognize exceptional service.   A number of items will be available through UNR Med human resources office, and will allow the employee to choose. In addition, a certificate of recognition will be provided. The manager will provide an opportunity to recognize the employee and will be featured in the Nevada Business Weekly and/or other company communications. 

Recognition process

  1. Nominator completes and submits the True North STAR Nomination Form to Nominations can be submitted at any time but must coincide with the event of exceptional performance.
  2. HR will review the nomination and ensure the following:
    • Nominee is on active pay status or approved leave.
    • Nominee has a “meets expectations” or better on the most recent performance evaluation. Nominee is not in corrective action status.
  3. Nominee has worked on a specific project or event, a validated cost savings was measured, etc. that is above and beyond the normal scope of their regular job scope. Non-qualified nominations will be referred back to nominator with reasons.
  4. HR presents qualified nomination to STAR Awards Committee (SAC) for review. The SAC reviews nominations.  Clarifying questions may be asked of the manager/department head at this time.
  5. SAC votes and makes a final decision on the nomination and notifies UNR Med HR.
  6. HR will work with department/manager/nominator for presentation including printing of certificate.
  7. The department coordinates a recognition event and presents certificate to the employee and allows them to pick an award (multiple items are available in HR Store). A picture should be taken for media purposes.
  8. UNR Med HR provides picture and pertinent information to Nevada Medicine Weekly to announce STAR award recipient and other communications.