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Internal Medicine primary care Doctors

Our Internal Medicine and Multispecialty Clinic – Renown Campus provides lifelong comprehensive primary care. When it comes to your wellness, quality of life is about more than just managing conditions when you become ill-your health care is an ongoing partnership between you and your doctor. That's why our internal medicine physicians in Reno work to help you adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle here in Northern Nevada, in addition to developing treatment plans when you are sick.

Residency Clinic

Internal Medicine Residents are licensed physicians seeking additional training. Throughout their three years of training at the Reno clinic, residents will provide primary care services to a wide variety of patients under the supervision of faculty physicians with extensive years of experience. The residents work in teams as you would find in any group practice. The goal of the clinic is that every patient will see their individual primary resident physician understanding though that training does pull them out of clinic. In order to accommodate the training responsibilities of all residents, a team member will always be available to handle patient concerns. Residents are supported by an experienced staff of medical assistants assigned to their team so the patient can develop relationships with everyone on staff. The goal is to provide seamless continuity of health care. Having a resident for your physician is a blessing as they take extra time to go over your needs as a patient and there is always a seasoned faculty physician in Internal Medicine, reviewing each and every one of your visits.

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine's mission is to train our future physicians. As such, medical students may also be part of the experience. The physicians and residents at the Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Residency Clinic work together as a team to discuss the treatment plan and care of all patients.


The Internal Medicine and Multispecialty Clinic – Renown Campus accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most major commercial health insurance plans.

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