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Internal Medicine and Multispecialty Clinic
About Us

Why Choose Our Internal Medicine and Multispecialty Clinic?

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Convenient Coordinated Care

Your convenient, coordinated, quality care is our priority at the Internal Medicine and Multispecialty Clinic. With many specialists all at one central Reno location, referrals and other appointments can be made right away and you'll always come back to the same location. Also, your physicians will work together to provide the best care possible, avoiding duplication of screenings and tests to save you time, stress and money.

Another added convenience is the fact that we accept Medicare, Medicaid and most major commercial insurance plans.

Trusted Expertise

All of our physicians are highly-skilled, university-based professionals with access to the latest research, technology, treatments and medical innovations. Plus, each physician is board certified in their medical specialties or subspecialties and our physician staff is complemented by a team of highly-trained registered nurses and medical staff.

Ample Time for Office Visits

Our residents and physicians spend quality time with each of our patients. Unlike many physicians who are always late and in a hurry, our doctors take the time to listen to patients and go over all of their health concerns, no matter how long that takes. You will receive quality and attentive care at all of your appointments.