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The Developmental Research Program (DRP) and Pilot Grant (PG) Program will contribute to biomedical science in Nevada through research leading to publications and extramural funding. DRPs are primarily career development awards intended to lead to an independent researcher directing a sustained research enterprise. In order to achieve this, the DRP program requires a commitment of 6 person months effort to research and career development. PGs are smaller research awards available to fund a range of activities including preliminary studies for a grant proposal, the development of bioinformatics resources, authentic research experiences for undergraduate students, or research-based curriculum reform.

Developmental Research Projects

The DRP Program is a mentored career development program intended to advance the careers of Nevada researchers in biomedical sciences. The program provides research funding and a mentored pathway of milestones leading to publication submission of an NIH R-type grant proposal or equivalent proposal (NSF, American Heart Association, etc.). The project duration is 2 years, with the second year of funding contingent on the completion of all year 1 milestones. Direct costs up to $75,000 per year may be requested. For detailed information and application information, please see the DRP Funding Announcement.

The application is now closed. The next DRP solicitation will occur in Fall 2019 for funding beginning on April 1, 2020.

Pilot Grants

The Pilot Grant (PG) Program is a funding mechanism to engage faculty members and staff at NV INBRE Partner Institutions in research that will address biomedical sciences, increase the culture of research at these institutions, and provide research opportunities for undergraduate students. The duration of the project is up to 1 year and direct costs up to $10,000 may be requested. 

Funding Level and Allowable Expenses - Direct costs up to $10,000 per year may be requested. Permitted expenses include salaries for the PI and research personnel, as well as research supplies that are allowable NIH expenses. Travel expenses are allowed if necessary for conducting fieldwork as part of the project, accessing experts or other resources, or for giving invited presentations on INBRE-related research at a national, regional or international meeting.

Eligibility: Applicants must have a full-time appointment at a NV INBRE Participating Institution. PG awardees will devote effort appropriate for the project. Priority will be given to first time INBRE PG applicants and faculty from non-research intensive partner institutions.

Milestones and Progress - Funded projects will be required to report milestone achievement and progress quarterly into the NV INBRE Tracking Database.

NV INBRE Annual Statewide Meeting - PG awardees will be required to attend the annual NV INBRE Annual Statewide Meeting and must budget travel funds accordingly.

Applicants from NV INBRE Partner Institutions are eligible to apply:

  • University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Nevada State College
  • College of Southern Nevada
  • Great Basin College
  • Truckee Meadows Community College
  • Western Nevada College
  • Sierra Nevada College

Pilot Grant Program Key Dates

Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent and Abstract describing the proposed project and its goals to establish eligibility and programmatic responsiveness.

DUE: Monday October 15, 2018

Based on the letters of intent/abstracts, the NV INBRE will send eligible applicants and invitation to participated in a required INBRE Pre-Proposal Workshop for full application submission details.  Invitations for Pre-Proproposal Workshops are expected to be sent out to applicants on or before October 23, 2018.

Pre-Proposal Workshops will be held on November 8, 2018 at UNLV and November 13, 2018 at UNR.  Full application documents and access will only be given to those who complete the pre-proposal workshop.The Pre-Proposal Workshop will cover covering the specific information needed to complete the INBRE application including the preparation of the budget, Specific Aims, and Research Strategy, as well as the details of the mentoring, milestones and progress requirements of awardees. The Pre-Proposal Workshop will also cover required application documents such as IRB Approval, Planned Enrollment Reports, etc. The NV INBRE will hold multiple in-person Pre-Proposal Workshops in Reno on November 6 and Las Vegas on November 8. Arrangements can be made if applicants are unable to attend the in-person Workshops.

Application Due Date: February 15, 2019

Full applications will only be accepted from eligible applicants who have completed the Pre-Proposal Workshop. Applications will be submitted electronically through the link provided. Scientific merit reviews will be based on the NIH criteria (Overall Impact, Significance, Investigator, Innovation, Approach, and Environment). Proposed projects must include a tangible product (publication, event, preliminary data, etc). The External Advisory Committee will make funding decisions based on merit, programmatic priorities, and institutional participation in the network. Presentation of clear, reportable milestones appropriate for the PG scope of work will be an important review criterion. Funding preference will be given to proposals that address one or more of the following programmatic priorities:

  • Development of research-based curriculum at a primarily undergraduate institution
  • Projects that include roles for faculty members or undergraduate students from an INBRE Outreach Institution, UNR, or UNLV. 
  • Proposals to support research symposia, workshops, or publications 
  • Research projects to generate preliminary data for external funding

**Please note that you may only submit one proposal.**

Funding of Pilot Grants depends upon the timely arrival of NIH funds. The earliest possible start date is April 1, 2019, but may be delayed.

Contact Jessica Garfield at or (775) 784-6544 with questions.