Department of Internal Medicine
Faculty and Staff

Department of Internal Medicine

Patients: (775) 327-5000

Darryll Patterson Darryll Patterson M.D.
Professor; Interim Chair, Internal Medicine
(775) 327-5000

Full-Time Faculty

Timothy Baker Timothy Baker M.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor
(775) 682-7727
Michael Bloch, M.D. Michael Bloch M.D.
Associate Professor; Coordinator, Case-Based Learning
(775) 784-4474
T. Brian Callister T. Brian Callister M.D, FACP, SFHM
Professor; Director of Medical Student Rural Education
(775) 327-5174
Lisa Calvo Lisa Calvo M.D.
Interim Associate Dean for Medical Education; Associate Professor
(775) 327-5174
Omar Canaday M.D.
Residency Program Associate Director
Kelly Conright Kelly Conright M.D.
Hospice Fellowship Director
(775) 785-7109
Brad Graves Brad T. Graves M.D.
Associate Professor
(775) 327-5174
Nageshwara Gullapalli Nageshwara Gullapalli M.D., MPH, FACP
Professor; Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
(775) 327-5174
Jennifer Hagen Jennifer M. Hagen M.D.
Professor; Senior Associate Dean for Faculty
David Howard Office of medical education David J. Howard M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Director, Curricular Operations, Years 1-2
(775) 784-4474
Raheel Islam Raheel Islam M.D.
Assistant Professor
(775) 327-5174
Kirsten Lorenzen Kirsten Lorenzen M.D.
Associate Professor; Medical Director, Outpatient, Internal Medicine Clinic
(775) 327-5000
Dr-Martinez-sq Elieth Martinez M.D.
Assistant Professor
(775) 327-5174
Monica Payne MD
Internal Medicine Clerkship Director
Sujatha Pitani Sujatha Pitani M.D.
Associate Professor; Associate Program Director
(775) 327-5000
Mark Riddle Mark Riddle M.D., Dr.P.H.
Associate Dean of Clinical Research, Professor

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