Past and Current Fellows

Hospice and palliative medicine fellowship graduate professional practices

*Indicates fellows who completed both the School of Medicine's Geriatric and Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellowships

Practice location by graduation year
Graduation Year Practice Type and Location
2009 *PACE practice, Covina CA
2010 *Geriatric medicine faculty for family medicine residency, HPM Consultant, Stockton, CA
2010 Oncologist, Pierre, SD
2010 *Medical Director, PACE, Covina, CA
2011 *Medical director, Home Hospice Agency, Reno, NV
2011 Hospitalist, HPM consultant, Fallon, NV
2012 Hospice medical director, geriatrician at VA Reno, NV
2012 *Associate program director, clinical faculty for geriatric medicine and attending physician at VA & HPM fellowships, Reno, NV
2013 HPM consultant, Phoenix, AZ
2013 Anesthesiologist at Renown, HPM medical director, Reno, NV
2014 Pain management, medical marijuana evaluation
2014 *Geriatric and family medicine, Reno NV
2015 Family medicine & acupuncture, inpatient hospice physician, Reno, NV
2015 HPM consultant at VA medical center, Salt Lake City, UT
2015 Family medicine, Las Vegas, NV
2016 Palliative Care Consultant, Phoenix, AZ
2016 Palliative Care Consultant, Joplin MO
2016 Palliative Care and Geriatrics, Reno, NV
2017 Palliative Care Consultant, Rochester NY
2017 Palliative Care Consultant, Family Medicine, Riverside, CA
2017 Anesthesiology, HPM consultant, Reno NV