Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS)

International Undergraduate Research Program

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) ( provides information and advice regarding visa categories, international student admission, employment options, and cultural adjustment. Programs and activities are offered that foster intercultural understanding and enhance the skills needed to be successful in an increasingly interconnected world.

The Physiology and Cell Biology department works with OISS to process your Visa paperwork and handle your admission to UNR. Feel free to reach out to OISS with any questions,
You will need to complete in the OISS Online Check-In before you get here.
• OISS Online Check-in Meeting website: (

On your first day of work there are several tasks that you will need to complete in collaboration with OISS:

1. Document Pickup: You will meet Wella at the Anderson Building room 105 to collect your Welcome Packets. These packets will contain important documents that you will need throughout the day.

2. OISS Group Check-In: You will all walk down to their office at the Fitzgerald Building, about a 15 minute walk. During this time they will validate your arrival in the Immigration System and sign off on your On-Campus Employment letter (in your Welcome Packet). Bring all your immigration documents to the meeting (passport, visa, DS-2019 and, I-94).

3. Social Security Office: After your meeting with OISS you will all go to the Social Security Office to apply for your Social Security Cards. You will need to bring your DS-2019, passport, visa, i-94 Arrival Documentation, signed On-Campus Employment letter, and your Social Security Application form (in your Welcome Packet).

NOTE: The department of Physiology and Cell Biology will provide an ID card to you at no cost. Please do not proceed with obtaining an ID card if you are directed to do so at the check-in meeting.