Workshop Sessions

International Undergraduate Research Program

Please schedule the following workshops in your calendar. It will be your responsibility to complete the workshop training. Please see the web address provided to register for the training.

You will be responsible for registering for:

Laboratory Safety Training

Register for Lab Safety training at the following link (Lab Safety Training Registration). There are two parts to Lab Safety Training. Please register for both parts.

Sexual Harassment Training

Every student will receive an invitation to complete sexual harassment and discrimination training through LawRoom. Employees will receive their initial invitation within the first 6 months of their employment. The Equal Opportunity and Title IX office will send you the email notification.

New Employee Orientation for Non-Resident Aliens Training

You will schedule an individual meeting using the following email address, The office telephone number is (775) 784-1404. The meetings are designed to limit your tax liability based on the treaty agreement with your country.

Please schedule a meeting once you have received your Social Security Card.