About the Department of Family Medicine

Department of Family and Community Medicine: Las Vegas

family medicine las vegas

Primary care physicians are some of the most sought after professionals, especially in underserved communities. Family physicians have the ability to be able to treat patients of all ages, sexes and any degree of disease or injury and have an amazing opportunity to treat a patient over their lifetime. We train Nevada's future physicians to make primary care doctors more available to everyone. By increasing the amount of primary care physicians, we can help reduce healthcare costs and improve the overall welfare of the state.

The Department of Family Medicine in Las Vegas is committed to providing outstanding patient care and medical education. Our team of award-winning faculty, knowledgeable residents and accomplished fellows cares about the health of everyone in the community.

Our teaching clinic allows physicians to advance their skills in primary care with a variety of patients and medical histories. In addition, we offer prestigious fellowship training to further educate doctors in areas of sports medicine, obstetrics and urgent care. Residents also have the chance to train in a rural setting, assisting underserved communities in healthcare. Our program combines all aspects of family medicine from biological, clinical and behavioral science to give students the most comprehensive view of family medicine.

The family medicine clinic is a fully-operational primary care center dedicated to providing patients with quality, general, and specialized medical care. Board-certified doctors along with trained residents will see to it that you get the care you need. Our compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable staff is available to treat all members in your family.