An e-newsletter can be a valuable tool for illustrating the unique value your team brings to the School of Medicine and to the community. However, an e-newsletter can also be time-consuming. Before launching one of your own, we encourage you to review these suggestions for the best return on your investment.

#1 Ask yourself: Do we really need an e-newsletter?

What are your goals? Who is your target audience? Does your team have the time and resources needed to create and deliver compelling content on a regular basis? These are just a few questions to explore when considering an e-newsletter.

Before starting your own e-newsletter, consider whether or not the right vehicle already exists. The School of Medicine has a number of ways to help deliver newsworthy content.

  • When speaking to an internal audience (those folks with a University Net ID), Nevada Medicine Weekly and Student News are timely options.
  • When speaking to an external audience, delivery options might include a media advisory or social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • We also work with the University communications team to determine if content is suitable for Nevada Today or Ask the Professor.
  • Submitting content to the right partner e-newsletter is a great way to distribute timely information.

If you’d like to submit newsworthy content for placement in a UNR Med or University outlet, please submit a project request to the Marketing and Communications team.

#2 Find and embrace your voice.

When it comes to creating e-newsletter content, think of yourself as a person sending a letter to another person. Even though your content is about a department or organization, picturing your target audience as individuals rather than a group infuses a genuineness into your writing. Some marketing experts even recommend developing marketing personas—composite sketches of key segments of your audience—as a tool to keep your writing focused on your audience’s needs. Don’t be afraid to use words like “you” and “we” and “our.”

#3 Keep copy minimal yet helpful.

Try to keep your content well-edited and to the point. If your target audience is comprised of busy professionals, chances are they’re not waiting with bated breath for your e-newsletter to arrive, nor is yours the only email in the inbox.

Limit your e-newsletter content to your priority items. Spend more effort educating and helping your reader than simply promoting your organization. Focus on your most important call-to-action, so your readers know what is being asked of them. If you have a lengthy piece of content to share, consider posting the full version to your webpage, which not only allows your readers to learn more but also helps you discover their interests.

#4 Looks matter.

E-newsletters are often designed “by committee,” which can leave your reader sorting through visual clutter to find the message. Consider a simple template that guides your reader and allows your content to shine. Marketing and Communications has developed a newsletter template and can work with you to develop a custom header. Please complete a project request form if you'd like to discuss a newsletter template for your team.

#5 Stick with a consistent schedule.

After inventorying your team’s resources in tip #1 and exploring the kind of content you plan to send in tip #3, you may have a good idea as to how often you want to send your e-newsletter. There’s no one right answer, but predictability is key. Let your audience know somewhere in your e-newsletter how often they can expect to hear from you, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If you find you have too much or too little content, don’t be afraid to adjust your send schedule and reader expectations accordingly.

#6 Provide a vehicle for feedback.

Requesting feedback is a great way to make sure you’re providing helpful content that’s actually being read. Include your contact information, so readers can reach out with questions. Solicit content suggestions. After all, at the end of the day, your e-newsletter is for your readers—not for you.

Have questions? Need assistance?

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