BS-MD Students at UNR

M.D. Admissions

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Program Staff:

  • Admissions Coordinator: Erin Ketchum: (775) 682-8359
  • Program Director: Megan Almansoori: (775) 682-8354

BS-MD Major Advisors at UNR:

Year I Blocks at School of Medicine count dually towards the BS and MD degrees and complete upper division science electives for each undergraduate major.

Additional Programs Offered

Other resources

  • BS-MD Student Handbook
  • BS-MD Support Services - All students accepted into the BS-MD program are paired with a Year I or II medical student mentor. BS-MD students will meet their mentor during the annual orientation event held the week before fall semester classes begin at UNR.
  • BS-MD Peer Contact: Each BS-MD student is assigned a current BS-MD student, still in the undergraduate track, as a peer contact. Students will meet their peer contact during the program orientation the Friday before fall semester classes begin at UNR.
  • BS-MD Co Curricular Options - UNR Program
  • Community Service
  • Research
  • Clinical Experiences

Contact the BS-MD program if you have questions.