Appendix C

SAMPLE BS-MD Student Transition Evaluation


BS-MD Accelerated Pathway
University of Nevada, Reno
School of Medicine
BS-MD Student Transition Evaluation

Student Name

Date: January 1

Student demographic data

Name, major, special programs (Honors, distinction), others that might apply.

Student Background: Narrative summary here of the student's accomplishments while in the undergraduate portion of the program — student's resume or a questionnaire could inform this section.

Academic History

Date of initial matriculation tot he BS-MD program

Date of completion of BS-MD undergraduate requirements:

Was the student required to remediate or repeat any coursework during the undergraduate coursework? ___Yes ___ No

Was the student the recipient of any adverse actions by the department or university? ___ Yes ___ No

Academic Progress: Do not need to repeat the coursework or grades, this section is a place to describe the readiness of the student for the MD portion of the program. Research, thesis work can be described here.



Major Advisor, Major Dept. Chairman, Dean of the College where the major is located

August 2014