BS-MD Selection Interviews

Multiple Mini Interviews - Frequently Asked Questions

BS-MD students who are selected for interviews will experience a series of short interviews using standardized questions. During each short interview, applicants will meet with an interviewer who will pose a question to the student. The student is expected to be prepared to discuss the question and follow up questions with the interviewer.

This format has been adapted from the long-used Multiple Mini Interview Process for medical school admissions. It is important for BS-MD students to experience an interview process which is aligned with the regular admissions process for applicants.

How long will each station last?

Applicants will participate in each interview station for up to eight minutes. Students are informed when time is up. There will be two minutes between each station for students to prepare for the next question.

How long does the process last?

The MMI itself will last approximately 90 minutes. All BS-MD applicants selected should plan on an entire day. More detailed information will be provided to students once they accept their interview invitation.

What types of questions will I be asked?

BS-MD applicants will be asked one of four question types:

  1. Pathway Question: This is an opportunity for students to explain why they want to become a physician and how they have prepared.
  2. Interactive Question: This station may include a trained actor and require the applicant to interact with the actor in a scenario to demonstrate problem-solving and communication skills.
  3. Behavioral Based Questions: Applicants will be asked to discuss situational questions and how they would handle specific situations, or have handled situations of that type in the past.
  4. Scenario Based Questions: Applicants will be asked how they would handle a specific scenario involving other people.

Where will I be interviewed?

Students will be interviewed on the Reno campus. More information will accompany student interview invitations.

How can I prepare for this interview format?

This format is not to assess clinical or healthcare knowledge. The interviewers will be assessing student communication, the ability to understand multiple points of view, and maturity. The best preparation is to practice having brief discussions on various topics to learn how to present your point of view and information briefly but thoroughly.