Graduates and Returning Students

M.D. Admissions


  1. Make an appointment with an admissions representative from our admissions and recruitment office. Bring your transcripts and have an idea of the clinical experiences, volunteer work, etc. that you have done. We can help "fill in the holes" to make you a better applicant.
  2. Make an appointment with a designated pre-health advisor at the undergraduate institution where you want to take courses/pre-requisites. Your advisor can help set a class schedule that will ensure you are meeting pre-requisites for the medical school you are interested in and give you an idea of the timeline for applying.
  3. Attend our preview event in the fall to learn about our application process, how to become a better applicant, talk to current medical students and visit with local hospitals about volunteer opportunities.
  4. The School of Medicine also offers a formal Post-Baccalaureate Program in partnership with UNR, NSC and UNLV.
  5. Read through all the information in the undergraduate section about preparing yourself to be the best applicant.