M.D. Admissions

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Are you or do you have a student who has expressed an interest in a career in medicine? There are many ways to develop that interest in science and medicine through activities with your schools and community. Students can start from a very early age exploring opportunities through local museums, libraries, summer camps and community clubs like 4-H, and Boy/Girl Scouts. Below are some qualities you can develop at various age levels and places you may find activities to help you.

Grades K-3

At this level, students should explore their curiosity for general learning, science and the human body as well as develop teamwork skills.

Grades 4-7

Students should be aware of various healthcare opportunities, academic success strategies and continue to develop a love for science.

Grades 8+

Students should have developed good academic habits, speak with school advisors to know what courses are necessary for high school and college preparation, have some exposure to the healthcare field, awareness of the path to a career in medicine, community service experience, and develop leadership skills through extracurricular activities.

Resources and Activities