Health Care Experience

M.D. Admissions

Experience in health care is important for applicants for medical school. Students learn first-hand how healthcare and medicine work and what it is like to work with patients each day. Students who take the time to volunteer or work in health care also demonstrate commitment to medicine.


  1. An essential part of a student's clinical experience is shadowing. Admissions committees want to see students' commitment to health care through shadowing other medical doctors. This is an invaluable experience for students, as it provides an opportunity to see the day-to-day work of a physician. It is also highly encouraged that you get a letter of recommendation from your shadowing physician.
  2. There is no time requirement, but admissions committees generally like to see a commitment over time. For example time devoted each semester for two years is generally viewed more favorably than many hours in the one semester before application deadlines. Remember: quality, not quantity.
  3. Experience can vary and students should pick healthcare settings which they find interesting. The range of experiences can be in long-term care facilities, hospice, hospitals, doctor's offices and other areas.
  4. For more information on area hospital volunteer programs, please see below:


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