M.D. Admissions

Manville Medical Sciences Building

If you don't know, the medical school application process starts approximately 18 months ahead of when you are planning on entering medical school. Yes, you read that correctly — 18 months! It is vitally important that you pay attention to deadlines and have a thorough understanding of when you need to submit your AMCAS application, have taken the MCAT, etc.


Year before matriculation (when you actually start medical school):


Attend the University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine's annual Preview event to learn more about the application process, how to prepare your best application, talk to representatives from our Admissions department, and meet with some of our medical students.

September – December

Contact your pre-health professionals advisor at your school to find out if your school has a pre-professional evaluation committee process for students applying to medical school.

January – April

  • Register to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) the year you plan to apply. September test dates are the latest ones you can take and submit for consideration in the year you are applying. Study for the MCAT exam. Take this test prepared to get the best score. Do not take this for practice or to "see how you'll do." Note: the School of Medicine will accept both the old and MCAT 2015 scores through the 2018 AMCAS application cycle.
  • Start compiling your "experiences" that you will submit for your AMCAS application; this should be a list of all your clinical experiences, shadowing, research, community service, leadership, paid employment, etc. Ensure you have descriptions, contact information and dates.
  • Work on your personal statement. Have it reviewed by multiple people, including your school's writing center director, your pre-professional advisor and other trusted professors, doctors, etc.


Begin applying through American College Application Service (AMCAS). All applicants must designate the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine to receive their complete, verified AMCAS application. Identify who you want to request to write your letters of recommendation. Students can submit a maximum of three letters of recommendation.

May also holds the first dates that applicants will be able to take the CASPer situational judgment test. This assessment will be required starting in the 2019-2020 application cycle. Students will be able to register to take the assessment online. The exam must be taken no later than December 1 of the application year for the applicant to be considered.

June 1

The earliest date to submit your application through AMCAS. Please note: AMCAS can take up to eight weeks to verify your application before we receive it. Please submit as early as possible. Applications submitted after October 15th will not be reviewed by the School of Medicine.

August 1

Last day to submit application as Early Decision and Post Baccalaureate. Secondary application invitations will begin to be sent out.

Interview dates begin.


Early Decision applicants will receive their acceptance decisions by or on October 1. Post Baccalaureate students will be notified on or after October 15.

Final applications accepted from all other applicants. Applications submitted after October 15th will not be reviewed by the School of Medicine.

Apply on-line for financial aid using the Federal Application for Financial Student Assistance (FAFSA) and review our financial planning information.

November 15

Secondary applications, letters of recommendation and residency application deadline.

January (Year of Matriculation)

The School of Medicine admissions committee begins reviewing all other applications for admission. Admission review process continues through March. 

January 15

First round of acceptance notices sent to students. Students have two weeks to reply.

February 15

Second round of acceptance notices sent to students.

March 15

Third and final round of acceptance notices sent to students.

May 15

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) traffic rules state that all applicants with multiple accepts must notify the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine if they will be accepting admission to the School of Medicine.


School of Medicine Scholarship Application sent to accepted students.


Medical Student Bridge Program, New Medical Student Orientation and classes begin.