Acceptance Protocols

Acceptance Protocols for Admitted Students

Once you have accepted your offer of admission in UNR Med’s admissions portal, you are responsible for updating your UNR Med status in the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool (CYMS) to “Plan to Enroll” by February 19 or within two weeks of your offer of admission.  

This designation does not preclude you from holding acceptances, from remaining on alternate lists, or from continuing to interview at other schools.

April 15: Narrow your “Plan to Enroll” selections to three schools.

As of April 15, you may remain on alternate lists at other schools but you can only hold acceptances at the three schools indicated in CYMS.  

April 30: Select either “Commit to Enroll” or “Plan to Enroll” at one school.

  • If you have made UNR Med your final selection, update your status to “Commit to Enroll.”
  • If you plan to enroll at UNR Med, but are awaiting waitlist decisions from other medical schools that may affect your final selection, you may keep your UNR Med status as “Plan to Enroll” until July 15.

NOTE: Selecting “Commit to Enroll” does not automatically withdraw you from other medical schools.  Please communicate directly with all schools about your final selection.  

July 15: To be eligible to matriculate at UNR Med, July 15 of your enrollment year is the final date to make your final selection and update CYMS to “Commit to Enroll.”

How to Withdraw your Acceptance

 To decline UNR Med’s offer of admission, please update CYMS and email the Your prompt withdraw notification will allow an alternate on the waitlist to receive an offer of admission.

 How to Request to Defer your Admission Offer

 Requests for a one year deferral of enrollment are considered on a case-by-case basis upon receipt of a brief email outlining the circumstances for the request.  Please send to with “Defer Request” in the subject line.