Acceptance Protocols

Steps to confirm or decline acceptance to medical school

Students admitted to UNR Med agree to:

  • Complete all enrollment steps as outlined in their acceptance letter.
  • Adhere to the AAMC Acceptance Protocols.
  • Promptly notify medical schools in writing if they elect to withdraw their acceptance.
  • Use the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool to submit their "Plan to Enroll" and "Commit to Enroll" options per the following dates: 

February 19
Select the "Plan to Enroll" option for all medical schools you are considering.

April 15 
Narrow your "Plan to Enroll" choices to three medical schools and withdrawing your acceptance from all other schools.

April 30

  • Select "Commit to Enroll" at one medical school and withdraw from all other schools.
  • If you are on a waitlist, keep your status as "Plan to Enroll" at one medical school and withdraw from all other schools. 

Upon recieiving notification of waitlist decision(s),please promptly notify all schools, in writing,of your decision to accept or decline and update your status to "Commit to Enroll" at one medical school.

July 15
Accepted UNR Med applicants must withdraw from any remaining waitlists by July 15 and update their AMCAS status to "Commit to Enroll."  Admitted students who do not submit the "Commit to Enroll" option by July 15, 2019 will not be eligible to matriculate at UNR Med.