Acceptance Protocols for Admitted Students

Once you have accepted an offer of admission from UNR Med, it is your professional responsibility to communicate with UNR Med and any other schools as you reach a final decision about where you will attend medical school, and to update your decision within the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School (CYMS) tool.

Important Dates 

February 19, 2021: The CYMS tool opens on Friday, February 19 and as per the AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols and  UNR Med’s acceptance policy, please log in to your AMCAS account and use this tool to designate your top choice medical school by updating your status at that school as “plan to enroll.”  If you are accepted to UNR Med after February 19, please update CYMS within two weeks of your acceptance notification.

Note: Designating a school as where you "plan to enroll" does not commit you to attend that school, nor does it require you to withdraw from other schools where you hold acceptances. However, if you are no longer actively considering attending a medical school where you hold an acceptance, please send a written notification (email) and withdraw your seat so that an alternate can be offered admission to medical school.

April 30, 2021:  On April 30, unless you are holding a waitlist seat at a preferred school, if UNR Med is your final choice medical school, please update your UNR Med status to “commit to enroll.”

If UNR Med is not your final choice, please immediately notify the Office of Admissions that you are withdrawing your acceptance. This will allow for an alternate to be offered a seat in medical school.

If, as of April 30, you are still considering UNR Med, but you are an alternate at a preferred school, you may leave your UNR Med status as “plan to enroll” and only change to “commit to enroll” once you have withdrawn from any/all school’s where you are on a waitlist.

If, after April 30, you are offered a seat from the waitlist at another school and accept their offer, please immediately withdraw you acceptance at UNR Med so that an alternate can be offered admission.

July 15, 2021: If you are waiting to hear from a school where you are waitlisted, your status with CYMS may remain as “plan to enroll” at UNR Med until July 15. If your status is not updated to “commit to enroll” by July 7, you will be given a one week notice that your application will be administratively withdrawn and your seat will be offered to an alternate if you do not commit by July 15.

    How to Withdraw your Acceptance

     To decline UNR Med’s offer of admission, please update CYMS and email the Your prompt withdraw notification will allow an alternate on the waitlist to receive an offer of admission.

     How to Request to Defer your Admission Offer

     Requests for a one year deferral of enrollment are considered on a case-by-case basis upon receipt of a brief email outlining the circumstances for the request.  Please send to with “Defer Request” in the subject line.