Renown Health Institute for Neurosciences

The Renown Health Institute for Neurosciences serves as the source of clinical training in neurology for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine's Reno-based medical students, interns and internal medicine residents. Since its inception in July 2012, Renown's Institute for Neurosciences has tripled its number of providers and associated staff. The Institute initiated, successfully participated in and completed two research studies involving stroke and one involving migraine. The institute is actively engaged in four additional migraine studies, including an NIH-sponsored study related to pediatric and adolescent migraine, and one stroke study examining the most clinically and economically effective way to manage acute TIA and minor stroke.

The physicians at Renown have published a number of abstracts, full-text papers, books and book chapters in the peer-reviewed medical literature, and they've given a number of formal educational presentations to the lay and medical communities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Renown Institute for Neurosciences has established subspecialty clinics in the areas of headache, stroke, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease and multiple sclerosis. The Renown Stroke Prevention Clinic was initially established to provide patients recently hospitalized for TIA or acute stroke with early neurologic follow-up, specific education in the prevention of stroke and other complications of vascular disease and meticulous medical management intended to reduce the possible risk of future strokes or heart attacks as much as possible. The Stroke program at Renown Health recently won the Golden Plus Award from the American Heart Association for their dedication to healing. The clinic has served to reduce the incidence of recurrent stroke and early readmission to the hospital for recurrent stroke. At the Renown Headache Clinic, Renown's team of experts have evaluated over 1000 new patients presenting for evaluation of various headache disorders. At that clinic and the Renown Clinical Research Center the Renown team has treated over 300 patients with Botox-A for suppression of chronic migraine.