Ongoing Research Studies

Department of Neurology

Research is a critical component of our Neurology program, and our faculty are committed to innovative research. We conduct research studies involving new and potentially better ways of managing neurologic disorders.

Current Research Studies


Amgen: Study that investigates the utility of Amgen (CGRP receptor agonist) to placebo in adults 18-60 for Migraine as defined by 8 or more migraines; and 15 or more headache days monthly.

Primary contact: Toni

Labrys: Placebo vs an experimental drug (protein injected subcutaneously) in 18-65 year old adults who experience episodic (not chronic) migraine, 8 days monthly.

Primary contact: Toni

Headache (Kids)

Champ (Lopez): Placebo vs Topamax vs Amitriptylene in 8-17 year old kids with at least 4 migraine/chronic headaches monthly.

Primary contact: Peggie


Apex (Lopez): Lovenox injections vs Betrixaban for DVT prevention in adults with increased immobility 2/2 stroke/disability enrolled within 96H of hospital admission.

Primary contact: Peggie/Layla

Asubio (Lopez): Placebo vs SUN (IV and oral med - new med proposed to promote neurogenesis, axonal outgrowth, and synaptogenesis by modulating the signal transduction pathway of the fibroblast growth factor receptor) in 18-85 year old adults with acute ischemic stroke enrolled within 48H of last known well (no previous disability).

Primary contact: Peggie/Layla

Prism (Lopez): tPA vs placebo for adults with minor non-disabling stroke randomized within 3H of last known well.

Primary contact: Peggie/Layla

Multiple sclerosis

Transition (Bloch): two year observational study evaluating safety profile of patients who were switched from natalizumab (Tysabri) to fingolimod (Gilenya) (within last 12 months prior to enrollment) or are about to start fingolimod and discontinue their natalizumab.

Primary contact: Rachael/Elysia