UNR Med Students Take Action in Hurricane Relief. You Can Too!

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Huricane Relief Box

School supplies collected by the Humanitarians in Medicine SIG and sent to students in need in Houston, Texas.

When our students talk about helping the community, they mean it. In light of recent disasters—including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria—several UNR Med students and student interest groups have taken action.

The Pediatric Student Interest Group (SIG) has partnered with Save the Children to set up a UNR Med team page with a $3,000 fundraising goal. In his call for students and faculty to get involved, Class of 2020 President Laz Peraza said:

"I know that donating money over the internet isn't as attractive as spending money on the internet, but we simply ask that you take a moment to reflect on how blessed we really are. We're a group of healthy, vibrant, brilliant individuals who are aspiring to make a difference in peoples' lives across the globe. When we signed the honor pledge, we vowed to make a difference and to care for those in need across the world, regardless of race, gender, age or socioeconomic status. I say we start by helping those kids who may have lost their parents, home, even their toys due to recent disasters."

In addition to the UNR Med team page, Peraza and other Pediatric SIG leaders have organized a donation box to collect baby formula, toiletries, first aid kids, toys, canned goods and more. The box is available for donations in PHS 102. Please take some time to help support those in need and our astounding med students.

Immediately following Hurricane Harvey, the Humanitarians in Medicine SIG organized a school relief drive, and collected $100 in donations and three boxes of supplies to send to Houston. Specifically focused on the school-aged children affected by the disaster, donated items included 12 boxes of No. 2 pencils, 11 erasers, 15 boxes of pens, 6 reams of paper, 34 notebooks, 8 composition books, 58 folders, 2 packs of highlighters, 9 binders, 3 pencil cases, 9 packs of crayons, 6 sticky note pads, a protractor, a scientific calculator, 15 packs of markers and so much more!

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