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Reflections from the Dean

 • January is the month of possibilities, fresh starts and New Year’s resolutions.

Professor Ron Pardini, Ph.D., and University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine student Irvin Ma on the front lines in the fight against cancer

 • World Cancer Day is a global event intended to unite the world’s population in the fight against cancer. It is a day about having conversations, spreading awareness and taking action. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Professor Ron Pardini, Ph.D., has spent the better part of his career taking action in the fight against cancer.

10 top UNR Med stories from 2017

 • Happy New Year! As we look forward to the year ahead, it’s good to reminisce on where we’ve been. From our students and new medical education programs to volunteer initiatives and national rankings, 2017 was an exciting and impactful year for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.