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First asymptomatic testing site in Sparks packed

• This is Reno

On June 17, Washoe County Health District Officer Kevin Dick said the district will suspend testing for asymptomatic individuals because of a backlog in processing at the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory.

Face masks now required at casino table games in Nevada

• Fox 5 Las Vegas

The Nevada State Public Health Lab has added staff to address a backlog of processing COVID-19 tests and the backlog should be cleared Thursday evening, the lab's director Mark Pandori said.

Senate Comm. on Aging: Impact of Isolation and Loneliness on Seniors During COVID-19

• RI News Today

Dr. Peter Reed, Director of the Sanford Center for Aging at the University of Nevada Reno, discussed a portal he created for older adults in Nevada to easily communicate their needs in areas including telehealth, social support, and food and medicine. This portal, called the Nevada COVID-19 Aging Network Rapid Response (Nevada CAN), was launched on April 1st and has served hundreds of seniors during the pandemic.

Loneliness vs COVID-19 Infection Among Seniors

• Med Page Today

In responding to the needs of seniors amidst the pandemic in his state, Peter Reed, PhD, director of the Sanford Center for Aging in Reno, Nevada, identified three core areas of focus: daily essentials, telehealth, and social support. On April 1, Reed helped launch the Nevada COVID-19 Aging Network Rapid Response, which included a survey for older adults to complete to help steer them toward the correct services.

Antibody testing key to learning coronavirus’ true impact

• The Record Courier

Director of the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory Mark Pandori said Nevada is on track to pass the national rate of 2 percent coronavirus testing a month. However, determining who has had the disease is still a project. Washoe County Health District has been doing random antibody testing.

More than 1 month of declining coronavirus rates in Nevada

• 3 News Las Vegas

As the Silver State reopens, Nevada Public Health Laboratory Director Dr. Mark Pandori said the state would continue to rely on nasal tests that detect an active infection rather than antibody tests, which determine whether individuals were previously infected.

Health officials announce plans to boost COVID-19 contact tracing

• Nevada Current

“What we want is a high capacity to test on a daily basis as we reopen because we don’t know what’s going to happen and we want to be able to squash outbreaks quickly,” said Dr. Mark Pandori, director of the Nevada Public Health Laboratory and the State’s Chief of Testing.

Nevada taking cautious, phased approach to bring athletes back

• KOLO Channel 8 News

"I think we're not only following the NCAA guidelines, but also being more cautious and preventative," said Dr. Arthur A. Islas M.D., Nevada's Sports Medicine Fellowship Director. "Taking the best foot forward when it comes to preventing any spread of the virus that may exist."

The Pandemic Is Stressing Your Body in New Ways

• The New York Times

Dr. Mark S. Riddle, a doctor of public health and associate dean of clinical research at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine sees parallels between those findings and what he’s seeing right now: persistent stress is mucking up people’s plumbing.

Patient speaks the truth about Aphasia

• KOLO Channel 8 News

“Aphasia doesn't go away,” says Tami Brancamp Ph.D an Associate Professor in the Speech Pathology Department at UNR School of Medicine . “It is an injury to the brain that has impacted language. So, it can be treated. The person will continue to improve. I can't promise that you will be exactly as you were the moment before the stroke. But it will definitely get better,” she says.

Federal Funds Being Used To Ramp Up Coronavirus Testing In Nevada


Gov. Steve Sisolak appointed Nevada State Public Health Laboratory Director Dr. Mark Pandori as the state’s Chief of Testing, where he will “help direct and coordinate Nevada’s immediate and long-term testing strategy.”

Telemedicine: not just for rural patients anymore

• KOLO Channel 8 News

UNR Med's Dr. Maria Fernandez says in medical school they talked about telemedicine as a method to service rural areas. But these days she says it is becoming more common place no matter where the patient lives.

State will expand COVID-19 testing, contact tracing

• Las Vegas Review Journal

The governor named Mark Pandori, director of the state public health lab and an associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, to serve as the state’s chief of testing.