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What do you need to know about coronavirus? Washoe County health experts answer questions

• Reno Gazette Journal

The lab in Reno currently has one of the kits, which consists of chemicals and reagents necessary to perform the test. One kit, according to Mark Pandori, the lab's director, has enough materials to perform at least 300 tests. It is one of 12 state-run labs across the country to be authorized by the CDC to perform the test. Pandori said he is currently working to get more kits from the CDC.

First Patient Tests Positive for New Coronavirus in Nevada

• The Epoch Times

Dr. Mark Pandori, director of Nevada’s public health laboratory, told The Epoch Times earlier in the week that he expected the number of people being tested in the state to increase. The case definition from the CDC could continue to change, he said—the CDC later in the week issued guidance allowing states to test anyone, subject to a doctor’s order—and the expectation that surveillance testing, or testing a wider variety of specimens, would become routine.

Physician Suicide—A Personal and Community Tragedy

• JAMA Psychiatry

Physician suicide is more than a matter of standardized mortality ratios; rather, it is a tragedy both personally and professionally. Any discussion of physician suicide deaths needs to recognize the far-reaching influence that even a single suicide has on the physician’s community.

Sisolak gives briefing on COVID-19 preparedness

• The Laughlin Times

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak held a briefing and press conference in hopes of reassuring residents that the state is prepared for its response to COVID-19, the 2019 novel coronavirus. Also speaking at the briefing was Dr. Mark Pandori, director of the Nevada State Public Health Lab.

Coronavirus Test Kits Available in Nevada

• KTVN Channel 2 News

Health care providers are gearing up to deal with an outbreak. Three to four hours is how long those testing will have to wait to get their results. “People don’t have to come here to get tested. When you're seeing your clinician because you're feeling unwell or if you’re in an emergency room, if it comes to that, the clinician there will take the specimen and the specimen they take will be a swab, the good news that swab can be tested for a wide range of respiratory agents,” Dr. Mark Pandori, Nevada State Public Health Lab.

Is Coronavirus Testing Happening in Nevada?


We’re hearing a lot about coronavirus testing, but have tests been given in the Silver State to those exhibiting symptoms? KOH’s Daniela Sonnino spoke with the Nevada State Public Health Lab, who’s housing the state’s test kits to find out.

UNR Med Student Outreach Clinics Provide Free Medical Care

• KOLO Channel 8 News

Dr. Aaron Dieringer, assistant professor, Family Medicine talks to Denise Wong about the no-cost medical services available for uninsured patients at the UNR Med Student Outreach Clinics.

Gov. Sisolak says state preparing for coronavirus, not panicking

• Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Our capacity to test right now is in the order of several hundred specimens, with the ability to obtain more chemicals to perform more testing from CDC in the next couple of weeks,” said Mark Pandori, director of the Nevada State Public Health Lab. “We have trained several staff members in the public health laboratory to run this test so that we can minimize what is called the turnaround time,” he said.

Students Traveling for Spring Break Advised to Use Caution

• KTVN Channel 2 News

"We need to make certain that our students are safe when they travel abroad and the best way to do that is by disinfecting so they can take the appropriate practices for decontaminating surfaces, wearing masks, etc.," Dr. Steven Zell, UNR School of Medicine said.

Key missteps at the CDC have set back its ability to detect potential spread of coronavirus

• The Daily Item / ProPublica

Mark Pandori, director of the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory, which began offering testing on Feb.11, said surveillance testing may not be the best use of resources right now. “A lot of people look at lab tests like they are magic,” Pandori said. “But when you run lab tests, the more chances you have for getting false answers.”

International travel and the coronavirus

• KOLO Channel 8 News

"I think the most important thing before you go on any travel is, you have to look at the current data as to what is going in countries at risk," says Dr. Steven Zell, with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Internal Medicine Program.

What Does It Mean to Be a Physician?


The practice of medicine is founded on a simple transactional relationship between the physician and the patient. The role of the physician has always been one of gathering patient data and treating disease, of caring and curing, and of bringing science and humanism together to benefit patients. This role has defined the profession across time and cultures. The continuity of clinical information was often dependent on the continuity of the relationship, with clinical data documented only to the degree necessary to inform memory.

On Your Side: How hard is it to access to rural healthcare in Nevada?

• KRNV Channel 4 News

Every county in Nevada is facing a shortage of health professionals, but three counties - Esmeralda County, Eureka County, and Storey County - have no licensed physicians at all. "A rural community that may only have two or three practicing physicians, if they lose one, that becomes a problem if not a crisis," explained John Packham, associate dean of the UNR School of Medicine.

Nevada Public Health Professionals Monitoring Coronavirus


Dr. Mark Pandori is the director of the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory. He said they are prepared if there were to be an outbreak in the state, and are actively gathering information from California.

Nonprofit Spotlight: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

• Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Over its 51 year history, the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine has established itself as a health care leader — transforming health care learners into health care leaders, driving biomedical research, providing critical sources of patient care and contributing to the quality of life in our communities.

Health Care Access and Affordability Are Top Issues in Nevada


Health care was a top issue for many voters in the Democratic primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. As the Nevada caucus is quickly approaching, KUNR’s Anh Gray talked with John Packham, a state health policy expert, to break down how the national debate might shape issues of affordability and access in the state.

Observing Microbiome Changes After Single-Dose Antibiotics for Traveler's Diarrhea

• Contagion - Infectious Diseases Today

Mark Riddle, MD, DrPH, associate dean of clinical research, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, associate chief of staff for research, VA Sierra Nevada Health System, speaks to Contagion at ACG 2019 about the results of a study looking into microbiome changes associated with single-dose antibiotics for the treatment of traveler's diarrhea.

Local Cardiologist pushing for improved CPR training

• KOLO Channel 8 News

“The majority of cardiac arrests happen in the home...and so this could mean saving your grandmother's life, your sister's life, your mother's life,” UNR Med and Carson Tahoe Health Cardiologist Dr. Lorrel Toft explains.

Face the State: Antibiotic Resistane

• KTVN Channel 2 News

Antibiotics were an enormous medical breakthrough, but now we're seeing some backlash of the miracle invention. Dr. Charles Krasner of UNR Med talks about the use and overuse of antibiotics.

Nevada lab can now test for corona virus

• KOLO Channel 8 News

The state public health lab is charged with testing samples and confirming diseases, water contamination, and hazardous biological specimens—among other things. Now it is capable of testing for the novel corona virus. Test kits arrived at the Nevada State Public Health Lab on Friday February 2, 2020 from the CDC.

Nevada faces statewide physician shortage, UNR Med addressing problem

• KRNV Channel 4 News

According to the University of Nevada and American Association of Medical Colleges, Nevada is 45th for active physicians per 100,000 people, 48th for primary care physicians per 100,000 people, and 50th for general surgeons per 100,000 people.

Health Watch: Nevada Doctor Shortage

• KTVN Channel 2 News

A physician shortage continues to be a problem in Nevada. Not only finding the right doctor, but waiting to get in can be tough, sometimes. Even though the number of doctors has increased, it hasn't kept pace with the growth in population, here in northern Nevada. Valentina Bonaparte spoke with the UNR School of Medicine about it.