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KTVN Project Medical Education live shot 3

• KTVN Channel 2 News

UNR Med's Dr. Howard talks to KTVN's Jaimie Hays about the importance of medical students having early exposure to patient care through the use of SIM patients.

KTVN Project Medical Education live shot 2

• KTVN Channel 2 News

UNR Med's Dr. Howard talks to KTVN's Jaimie Hays about simulated patients and what attendees of Project Medical Education Nevada will be experiencing for the day.

KTVN Project Medical Education live shot 1

• KTVN Channel 2 News

Today the UNR School of Medicine is opening its doors for state and community leaders, giving them a chance to spend a day as a med student and see what it takes. Jaimie Hays is live at the University where she will spend a day as a student as well.

Physician Burnout, or 'Misery Not Otherwise Specified'

• Relias Media

Physician burnout seems to be a national healthcare emergency. A recent survey of 15,000 practicing physicians showed that 42% reported feeling burned out. But what exactly is burnout, and what are its root causes? Today’s guest, Thomas Schwenk, MD, is encouraging providers and researchers to think more deeply about these fundamental questions.

Reye Syndrome a danger from aspirin and kids

• KOLO Channel 8 News

We are in the middle of cold and flu season. Many of us wouldn’t think twice about taking an aspirin to bring down our fever. But this could be a bad mistake for children.

Heart attack survivor shares story at Go Red

• KTVN Channel 2 News

In Health Watch, the American Heart Association is starting it's Go Red for Women campaign. On the first Friday in February, they ask everyone to wear red to spread awareness about heart disease in women.

Medical center clients want more access to services

• Reno Gazette Journal

South Lyon Medical Center clients are overall satisfied with the facility but wish it provided a wider array of services, according to a 2018 community needs assessment, performed by the University of Nevada, Reno’s School of Medicine.

Aging & Awesome, Pilot, Ep 1

• KTVN Channel 2 News Aging & Awesome

UNR Med Sanford Center for Aging's Peter Reed Ph.D., MPH, discusses their mission to enhance the quality of life and well-being among elders through education, translational research, and community outreach.

UNR Med plans to open a clinical, educational building

• The Nevada Sagebrush

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine is expanding their health care services to provide more clinical education opportunities for their students by 2020.

UNR Med Research Uncovers New Reason For Male Infertility

• This is Reno

A University of Nevada School of Medicine researcher has revealed a new source of male infertility. According to School of Medicine Professor, Wei Yan, M.D., new research as uncovered efferent duct obstructions as a new cause of male infertility, correcting a long-held concept regarding sperm transport.

UNR Med Clinic

• KTVN Channel 2 News

In Health Watch, northern Nevadans will soon have more access to health care resources. The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine is working to develop a 3-story clinical practice at 745 West Moana Lane.

UNR's School of Medicine reveals new cause of male infertility

• KRNV Channel 4 News

UNR med professor Wei Yan says his research team found out that efferent duct obstructions may be to blame for male infertility. That means that there might be a blockage when it comes to sperm transport.

UNR Med to celebrate 50 years

• Elko Daily Free Press

Thomas Kozel, professor, UNR Med's Department of Microbiology and Immunology, who has served on the UNR Med faculty for 48 years, since 1971.

UNR Medical School receives $2M grant to study premature labor

• Hermann Herald

The University of Nevada Medical School in Reno has received a $2 million grant to help develop new approaches to guard against dangers related to premature labor. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development recently awarded the grant to Dr. Iain Buxton and his research team to help develop a drug to prevent a woman’s labor without having dangerous effects on a developing fetus. Buxton and his research team will study the uterine muscle of women and how it is regulated to stay relaxed for many months before responding to signals that initiate contraction.

Health Watch: Medicine meets Virtual Reality

• KTVN Channel 2 News

Our future doctors and nurses are jumping into tangible, virtual environments for hands-on experience in the medical field, before the real deal. It very well could improve our medical care in the future. I'll take you inside a unique lab at the University of Nevada, Reno's Knowledge Center, for Health Watch tonight.

KTVN "Ask the Doctor": UNR Med Free Student Outreach Clinics

• KTVN Channel 2 News

It is a win-win for the community and future physicians at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. In tonight's "Ask the Doctor" segment, we're talking about free Student Outreach Clinics and joining me is Dr. Wilfredo Torres, an assistant dean at the med school.

Huynh joins UNR Med Elko Family Medicine Residency Program

• Elko Daily Free Press

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine has named Dr. Jacqueline Huynh as a family medicine clinical faculty member at UNR Med’s new Elko Family Medicine Residency Program.