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Local woman’s elderberry syrup gaining popularity amid coronavirus and fire season

• KOLO Channel 8 News

A Clinical Dietician at UNR Med, Karen Bain said, elderberry is filled with nutrients like flavonoids and vitamins. According to Bain there are some analysis and commentaries on elderberry. Bain said research says the berry could help with the common cold or flu. As for COVID-19, Bain said, “The use of elderberry supplements can be considered at an early course of the disease, that’s one of the reviews, that says, hey it’s worth a try, it could help, maybe it doesn’t, but its not harmful."

This survivor may have had Covid-19 twice


Scientists from the University of Nevada at Reno and the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory reported on August 28 in a pre-print study that a 25-year-old man had tested positive with two distinctly different coronavirus infections.

Lack of transparency from NCAA members an issue in solving COVID-19 crisis

• Nevada Sports Net

Imagine trying to put together a 1,000-piece puzzle but being given only a quarter of the pieces. That’s the feeling Dr. Mark Stovak and others have had when giving best practice advice on attempting to play college athletics during a pandemic. Stovak, a UNR medical teacher and Wolf Pack team physician, is one of 16 people on the NCAA’s COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group.

Murray's Mailbag: Will Mountain West (and Nevada) play football this fall?

• Nevada Sports Net

I would implore everybody to read my article last week with Dr. Mark Stovak, who is one of 16 people on the NCAA's COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group. Stovak, a UNR medical school professor and Wolf Pack team physician, has great insight into COVID-19 and the pros and cons of playing athletics during a pandemic.

What will it take for Mountain West to play football? NCAA expert weighs in

• Nevada Sports Net

After graduating from Reno's McQueen High School and enrolling at the University of Nevada, Mark Stovak envisioned a career in pro baseball. He played for the Wolf Pack from 1986-88, the bridge years when Nevada moved from off-campus Moana Stadium to on-campus Peccole Park. But then something happened.

Biology of the Brain

• Peak NV, p.p. 22-23

Every person carries around a 3-pound universe filled with billions of cells that communicate and orchestrate everything we do — from thinking to moving to sensing. It makes sense that such a busy planet of activity can get stressed or damaged as we age.

US reinfection case raises question: how long does Covid immunity last?

• The Guardian

A man in Nevada was infected with Covid-19 in March. He recovered and then tested negative for Covid-19. His would have been an unremarkable story amid a pandemic that has infected millions of people in America – if he had not been infected again less than six weeks later.

Flu shot even more vital this season

• KOLO Channel 8 News

This year, health authorities are hoping more patients take heed and get this year’s influenza vaccine. “We do know people who get the flu shot are less likely to get the flu and less likely to be hospitalized from the Influenza,” says Dr. Catherine McCarthy with University of Nevada Reno, School of Medicine Family Medicine Program.

High blood pressure, a silent disease in children

• Galena Times, p. 5

Most of us associate high blood pressure or hypertension with a condition in adults requiring medical attention. Dr. Max J. Coppes, professor and Nell J. Redfield chair of pediatrics at UNR Med and physicianin-chief at Renown Children’s Hospital discusses hypertension in children and reports that "4% of children aged 12 to 19 have hypertension and another 10% have elevated blood pressure," and how you can make a positive difference as a parent in the long-term health and wellbeing of your child, if hypertension is detected.

Nevada athletics: Wolf Pack team physician Mark Stovak one of 16 doctors advising NCAA

• Reno Gazette Journal

Dr. Mark Stovak, a team physician for Wolf Pack athletics and a professor at the University’s School of Medicine, was named to the NCAA’s revamped COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group. Stovak is one of just 16 medical professionals from across the country to be named to the Medical Advisory Group.

COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group


The NCAA COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group includes medical professionals from all three divisions and each of the Autonomy 5 conferences, plus representatives from organizations and medical groups that have been working collaboratively with the original advisory panel and NCAA membership. UNR Med's Dr. Mark Stovak, team physician at Nevada and second vice president of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine was selected as a committee member.

Nevada Business Magazine Healthcare Heroes 2020

• Nevada Business Magazine

Nevada Business Magazine honored UNR Med faculty and medical students as part of the 2020 Healthcare Heroes Awards. UNR Med honorees included Mark Pandori, Ph.D., director, Nevada State Public Health Laboratory; Northern Nevada Innovator of the Year, and Medical, Physician Assistant Nursing, Health Sciences and Social Work Students of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and University of Nevada, Reno; Northern Nevada Volunteers of the Year.

First UNR Med Physician Assistant Class picks up diplomas

• KOLO Channel 8 News

Practicing social distancing and mask wearing, the first graduating class from UNR Med’s Physician Assistant Studies Program picked up their diplomas on the afternoon of September 1, 2020.