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Savitt eMinute | October 1, 2019

Volume: 5 | Issue: 2

Fall Semester Hours

The Savitt Medical Library's Fall Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - midnight
Friday: 7:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am - midnight

Nevada Day Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Library resources are available 24/7 online at https://library.unr.edu/Savitt.

New and Enhanced DynaMed

On August 22, DynaMed, EBSCO Information Services' (EBSCO) clinical decision support tool, announced product enhancements and new platform features, replacing prior version of DynaMed that was called DynaMed Plus.

DynaMed publishes clinical topics which are continuously updated as new information indicates a need for change in practice. DynaMed content ranges from comprehensive reviews of diseases, conditions, and abnormal findings to highly focused topics on evaluation, differential diagnosis, and management. Drug and laboratory monographs developed and maintained by IBM Micromedex are also included.

Condition topics in DynaMed focus on specific diseases or conditions. They provide a comprehensive review and best available evidence for all aspects of the disease or condition, including epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, management, and prognosis. The content is organized to support learning about the condition, with easy access directly to key areas in the clinical workflow like diagnosis and management. Topic Overviews (including the Overview and Recommendations, Testing Overview, and Management Overview) are based upon and linked directly to the supporting evidence.

New version of DynaMed allows a comprehensive browsing of topics by clinical specialties. As in the past, DynaMed includes a Glossary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms, as well as a wide array of calculators, ranging from math and statistics calculators to medical equations and clinical criteria. Calculators may be searched by specialties too.

DynaMed has also made it easier for clinicians looking to support lifelong learning. Continuous tracking of DynaMed usage allows physicians and other advanced care providers to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits and Part II Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points with every search.

To take full advantage of all new features, users need to create personal account with DynaMed which would allow them to view their personal search history, download mobile DynaMed app, receive updates on any topic of interest, earn and track their CME credits and MOC points.

DynaMed is accessible via Savitt Medical Library website, under Databases.

Book Highlight

Contemporary Challenges in Medical Education : From Theory to Practice, edited by Zareen Zaidi, et al., University Press of Florida, 2019. (Online)

From the publisher description:

"In this volume, experienced clinician-educators offer real-world examples of various pedagogical and clinical scenarios, providing evidence- and theory-based approaches to managing three areas of growth: professional development, professionalism, and teaching. Acknowledging human fallibility, the editors begin with a framework that institutions, educators, and learners can use to promote well-being, outlining strategies for mindfulness training, relaxation techniques, appreciative inquiry, narrative medicine, and positive psychology."

"They then apply these strategies to additional developmental topics like failure, burnout, and improving resilience, social identity formation, and graceful self-promotion. The editors move on to discuss power differentials. They suggest ways of combatting microaggressions faced by women and minorities, fostering a safe learning environment where learners feel comfortable advocating in the setting of ethical dilemmas, recognizing and avoiding student mistreatment, and encouraging humility."

"With helpful infographics and case studies, this volume is a valuable resource for frontline educators who wish to help learners navigate the transition from layperson to medical professional."

Table of Contents

Section I. Professional Development

1. Focusing on Well-Being
Irene M. Estores and Margaret C. Lo

2. Medical Error and Resilience
Maryam Sattari, James Smith, and Robert Watson

3. Attitude and Work Ethic
Henrique Kallas and Rebecca J. Beyth

4. Professional Identity Formation
Melanie Gross Hagen, Neal Holland, and Lynn Monrouxe

5. Graceful Self-Promotion: An Approach for Career Development
Katherine N. Huber, Zareen Zaidi, and Page S. Morahan

Section II. Professionalism Issues

6. Teaching Women and Minorities: The Challenges of Microaggressions in Medical Education
Dianne Goede, Danielle Panna, Zareen Zaidi, and Monica Vela

7. Courage in Medicine
John Massini, Nila Radhakrishnan, and Eric I. Rosenberg

8. The Secret in the Care of the Learner
Ying Nagoshi, Paulette Hahn, and Alma Littles

9. Teaching Humility and Avoiding Hierarchy
Jason S. Fromm, Robert S. Egerman, and Rebecca R. Pauly

Section III. Implications for Teaching

10. A Framework for Discussing Controversial Topics in Medical Education
Ryan Nall, Lauren Solberg, Robert L. Cook, and Brenda Rogers

11. Teaching in the Electronic Era: Medical Records and Social Media
Edlira Maska, Eric I. Rosenberg, and Daniëlle Verstegen

12. Introspection about Role Modeling
Juan Guarderas, Maureen Novak, and Carolyn Stalvey

13. Teaching and Learning Empathy
Ashleigh Wright, Jeffrey Budd, and Rebecca R. Pauly

Appendix. Preventing Burnout and Promoting Resiliency: The Coach Approach

New PubMed Coming Soon

PubMed is being re-designed. The new version is currently scheduled for release in September 2019. You can test it out by going to PubMed Labs at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pubmed/. Keep in mind that the current version is still undergoing changes.

A few of the new features include:

• New search algorithm for relevance to find best matches. This new algorithm is available in the current PubMed and you may have already used it. It continues to be refined.
• New interface that provides better support for mobile devices by using responsive design.
• Snippets - the new design provides highlights or "snippets" from the abstracts that are based on the search query. The purpose is to help users quickly identify the results of most interest.

This is a work in progress. The appearance and layout will change over the next few months as features are added and refined. Please test it out to get a sense of how it will look and function. The National Library of Medicine is interested in hearing your comments and suggestions, and these can be submitted using the green feedback button available on the lower right of each screen.

The new version will be released in September. Beginning in 2020, users will be directed to the new PubMed by default. The new and old versions of PubMed will run in parallel for a few months and then the old PubMed will be retired.

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