Nevada State Public Health Laboratory
Faculty and Staff

Nevada State Public Health Laboratory

Mark Pandori Mark W. Pandori Ph.D.
Director, Nevada State Public Health Laboratory; Associate Professor of Pathology
(775) 682-6206
Bonifacio Dy M.D.
Newborn Screening Lab Manager
(775) 682-6234
Marcus A. Erling M.D., FCAP Marcus A. Erling M.D., FCAP
Professor; Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; NSPHL Director
Christina Hartman
Microbiologist, Biological/Chemical Terrorism
(775) 682-6236
Keith Kikawa Ph.D.
Statewide Biosafety Officer
(775) 682-6236
Trudy Larson Trudy Larson M.D.
Dean, School of Community Health Sciences; Professor
(775) 682-7103
Honglin Tian Ph.D.
Administrative Director, Anatomical Pathology Lab
(775) 784-4068

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