Conflict of Interest
Frequently Asked Questions

Office of Academic Affairs

Why do we have a COI policy?

The standards for medical schools have changed regarding management of conflicts of interest. We are responding to these changes in standards and expectations. View the AAMC reports of policy in Academic Medicine.

Does this mean I no longer need to follow the UNR COI policy?

No, School of Medicine faculty must continue to follow the UNR Conflict of Interest policy as well. Research-related conflicts of interest should be submitted to the UNR COI officer, Nancy Moody:

How do I request an exception to the policy?

You can complete an exception request that will be reviewed by all or part of the school's COI committee. This committee is advisory to the dean / VP. The Office of faculty Affairs and Development will be your contact point for the exception request process. Conflicts of interest that relate to research are sent to the UNR COI officer, Nancy Moody:

What if I have a potential COI that involves teaching?

You can ask the course coordinator/ training director to review your materials. If you wish to request an exception to the policy, you can complete and submit the exception request form.

How do I complete the required disclosures of industry affiliations?

We anticipate that this December or next January we will be able to add these faculty disclosures, as well as faculty acknowledgment of the policy, to a webcampus program similar to the webcampus University of Nevada, Reno disclosure faculty completed earlier this year. We are in the "ramping-up" stage of policy implementation and do not plan to gather this information until the end of the year 2012 or early 2013.

What will happen to my disclosure information?

The Faculty Disclosures are publicly available, listing all reported industry affiliations.

Who will manage the implementation of the policy in the School of Medicine practice plan sites?

The practice plan Chief Compliance Officer, will implement the policy in the clinical sites.

Are there other School of Medicine policies that relate to COI?

There are medical student and resident COI policies as well. Please see the Admissions and Student Affairs (ASA) and Graduate Medical Education (GME) websites.

Are industry sponsored lunch meals at resident education meetings excluded by this policy?

Industry sponsored lunch meals at resident education meetings are prohibited by this policy.

Does the policy apply to teaching materials used with patients?

No, the intent of the policy was to prohibit the use of industry materials in medical student, resident and continuing medical education.

Where do I call with questions?

Please email Melissa Piasecki,, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or J Epperson,, Chief Compliance Officer.