Policies, Procedures, Objectives

Medical Student Education

This page is intended to allow easy access to all policies, procedures and learning objectives associated with the education of the students of UNR Med. Please select the category below to filter the results appropriate to your role (student, resident or faculty).

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  • Policy
    • Student Transmissible Disease Policy

      Groups: Student • LCME Element: 12.8 • Location: Policy

    • Code of Student Professionalism

      Groups: Faculty, Resident, Student • LCME Element: 3.5 • Location: Handbook, Policy

    • Student Mistreatment

      Groups: Faculty, Resident, Student • LCME Element: 3.6 • Location: Handbook, Policy, Syllabus

    • Duty Hours

      Groups: Faculty, Resident, Student • LCME Element: 8.8 • Location: Policy, Syllabus

    • Grade Appeal Policy

      Groups: Faculty, Student • LCME Element: 11.5 • Location: Handbook, Policy

    • Policy to Review, Access, Challenge records

      Groups: Faculty, Student • LCME Element: 11.6 • Location: Handbook, Policy, Syllabus

    • Tuiton Refund Policy

      Groups: Student • LCME Element: 12.2 • Location: Handbook, Policy