Case of the Week

Office for Community Faculty

Medical student talking with doctor

The Case of the Week is a great way for Community Faculty members to get involved in medical education and interact with students in a learning environment. Students are encouraged to pay close attention to class materials and are challenged in critical thinking and creative thought process. The Case of the Week is a critical aspect to the education of medical students as it combines individual and team learning and provides another didactic opportunity outside the classroom.

Each week a new clinical case is presented to year 1 and 2 medical students, which provides the context for integrating basic science content into the practice of medicine. Facilitators (faculty members and Community Faculty members) guide students throughout the week as they work on the case. First year students are presented with three parts and are required to meet with groups and respond to questions throughout the week. Second year students are presented with two parts of a clinical case for review. Students are judged by their responses to the questions and are graded on their performance.

Cases typically provide a full analysis and relative diagnostics of a presented patient and then ask questions pertaining to each part of the case. Questions about the case ensure students understand the classroom materials they are currently studying. More difficult questions are also asked to challenge thinking.

Please review an example of a Case of the Week. Contact Michael Bloch, Director of the Case of the Week Program at (775) 784-4474 for questions regarding the Case of the Week Program.