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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Presentation at WCCA

Erika Mauban (MS20, UNR Med) and N. Nicole Jacobs, PhD (Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion; Associate Professor, UNR Med) at the 2018 WGEA Conference presenting a poster on our student wellness initiatives.

Excellence in Medical Education and Clinical Care

In partnership with the Performance System Technologies Lab from the UNR Behavior Analysis Program, the Center for Advanced Media Studies from the UNR Reynolds School of Journalism, and Renown Health, the ODI is working continuously to improve the quality of medical education and clinical care. We are focusing our efforts on the refinement of implicit bias measurement tools (e.g,, the IRAP and eye-tracking), developing curricular content for identifying and managing implicit bias, developing customized wellness curriculum for medical students (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Training), developing training on interprofessional communication, and developing training on quality patient care.

The Implicit Bias Research Group (IBRG) is an interdisciplinary research team dedicated to using a behavior scientific framework for assessment and curricular intervention. We provide trainings on implicit bias for faculty search committees, admissions committees, and medical students. We also provide trainings on burnout prevention, burnout management, stress management, interprofessional communication, and patient care for medical students.

The IBRG provides medical students the opportunity to focus their Scholarly Concentrations on Implicit Bias and Student Well-Being. Students are immersed in the curricular research process by attending regular research team meetings, facilitating trainings, and presenting their findings at academic conferences.

Four Pillars Chart

Faculty conducting research.

Training for Search Committees and Admission Committees