Patient Care

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty and Student with Patient

Alisha Fong, BGS (Simulation Technician, UNR Med) and Dr. Earle Oki, MD (OB/GYN, Renown Health) filmed performing remediation steps for a simulated pre-eclampsia seizure, as part of a virtual reality simulation. UNR Med medical students and ORVIS nursing students were exposed to this virtual reality simulation as part of an interprofessional training on patient care.

The IBRG is currently in the process of developing a behavior scientific approach for objectively assessing student empathy. In addition to our assessment development, we are in the process of generating a customized Acceptance and Commitment Training package for 3rd year medical students in collaboration with UNR Med's OB/GYN Clerkship Director. Our goal is to better understand the role that empathic responding has on clinical-decision making in a student training environment. Please stay tuned for more updates related to this project!

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