Getting Started: Step by Step Instructions

Promotion and Tenure

Getting started: Meeting with department chair

In March or April, schedule a 30 minute meeting with your department chair/director. Bring the following items to your meeting:

Follow-up meeting with your department chair

  •   Provide a list of at least 4 names/addresses of qualified external reviewers to your chair by May 1st
  •   External review letters will be submitted by your chair with the completed promotion and tenure application
    • Qualified external reviewer: a member of another academic institution holding the same or higher rank than the applicant. Qualified external reviewers may not be former colleagues, program directors, mentors or others with close professional relationships and should not be collaborators on publications or grants.
    • Per UNR Provost's Office: all external review letters must be submitted in original or .pdf format, submitted on letterhead with external reviewer's signature (copies of email correspondence will not be accepted).

Planning ahead: Application materials

  •   UNR Provost's Promotion and Tenure application
  •   Review UNR Provost's Promotion and Tenure instructions
  •   Prep time: schedule several hours per week for application preparation (est. 40-60 hours)
  •   Review all documents related to past medical student and resident teaching evaluations
  •   Compile the required set of evaluations for each year of appointment up to current rank
  •   Request missing teaching evaluation data from appropriate coordinator/director, if unavailable, request letters describing applicant's contributions/effectiveness and request medical student data from the Office of Medical Education
  •   Review CME evaluations or other CME activities since initial appointment or last promotion
  •   Review/revise CV (resource: AAMC CV Template)
    • Download or request clean copies of each paper/abstract published since date of hire or last promotion
    • Include full color illustrations in the Supplemental Materials Binder, if applicable
  •   Request letters describing applicant's contributions while on institutional committee, if applicable; include in the Supplemental Materials Binder

Assembling Materials

The appearance of submitted application binders/materials will influence the overall impression of the application. Prior to submission, request that a colleague review documents for grammar, punctuation and timeline accuracy - do not delegate to a staff member.

Binder #1: Application Binder

Complete binder is submitted by your chair.

  •   UNR Promotion and Tenure application, including signed chair/director's evaluation (last page of application)
  •   Original letter of recommendation from department chair*
  •   Original letter of recommendation from department personnel committee, if applicable*
  •   External peer review letters (signed, printed on letterhead)*
    • For non-tenure track applicants: include a minimum of 3 letters
    • For tenure track applicants: include a minimum of 4 letters
  •   Sample (copy) of chair's letter to outside reviewers
  •   Role statement (optional)
  •   Teaching evaluation grid
  •   Annual % FTE summary table for review period
  •   Annual evaluations for every year during review period
  •   Third year review of progress towards tenure and annual reports thereafter (tenure applicants only)

Binder #2: Supplemental Materials Binder

  •   CV
  •   Internal letters
  •   Presentations/publications
  •   Teaching evaluations (actual evaluations from your chair or clerkship director)

The Office of Academic Affairs will add the following documents to application packets prior to recommendations being forwarded to the Provost's office.

  •   Original letter of evaluation from University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Committee
  •   Original letter of evaluation from VP/Dean

* Confidential materials will be added to the application by parties other than the applicant

Review and Submit

  •   Contact the Office of Faculty Development to schedule a review of the application
    • Schedule meeting between 12:00pm and 6:00pm prior to July 13th
    • Contact Dr. Jennifer Hagen, Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Development, (775) 784-6758 or
  •   Deliver applications to the Office of Academic Affairs
    • Applications must be delivered no later than 5:00pm on the first working day of August annually
    • 2016 applications are due by: Monday, August 1, 2016 by 5:00pm
    • Office of Academic Affairs, mailing address: 1664 N. Virginia Street, M/S 0426, Reno, NV 89557-0426
    • Office of Academic Affairs, physical address: 1664 N. Virginia Street, Pennington Medical Education Building, Suite 217, Reno, NV 89557-0426
    • Each submission will be date-stamped upon receipt
    • Each submission will be copied and all materials will be managed as confidential

Next Steps

  1. The School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Committee will review submitted applications and make recommendations to the Dean's office
    • The Executive Associate Dean in OAA is not a voting member of the committee but will assist in the distribution of materials and communicate any questions or concerns that arise
  2. The VP/Dean of Division of Health Sciences/School of Medicine will review the Promotion and Tenure Committee's recommendations
    • Letters of support will be written for accepted applicants to move forward in the process
  3. Applicants that are not supported to move forward will receive notification as to that determination
  4. Applications and the Dean's letters of recommendations will be forwarded to the Provost's Office on or before November 1st
  5. The University of Nevada's Promotion and Tenure Committee will repeat the review process and make recommendations to the Provost
  6. In late December, the Provost's Promotion and Tenure Committee will notify the Office of Academic Affairs and notification letters will be sent directly to faculty with determinations on behalf of the Provost and President of the University
  7. Submitted reconsideration requests will be reviewed in January or February or once the initial process is completed
  8. Tenure applications will be forwarded to the Board of Regents with determinations and notifications made in the first quarter of the year
  9. Once the process is complete, all supplemental materials will be returned to the applicant. If requested, external review letters will be redacted