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Faculty Development Program 2016 Participants

Pictured above are the 2016 participants: Kacey Durant, M.D., assistant professor of family and community medicine (left) and Abbie Olszewski, Ph.D., assistant professor of speech pathology and audiology (right) with Jennifer Hagen, M.D., associate dean of the office of faculty development and associate professor of internal medicine (center).

School of Medicine Faculty Mentoring Program

2015 marked the pilot year for the School of Medicine's Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP). The program was developed in direct response to data obtained through the 2013 AAMC Faculty Forward© survey and faculty input.

The School of Medicine is pleased to offer the Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) designed to assist you in the development of your career in a scholarly direction. The program has been developed in response to needs identified in the 2013 Faculty Forward© survey and is based on models with demonstrated results published in the medical education literature. The program provides support through protected time, project funding and mentoring over a nine-month period to support accepted faculty member's submitted projects.


The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Faculty Mentoring Program consists of two components:

  1. A professional development curriculum delivered through a series of sessions held every other week. A commonly convenient time will be determined by survey of the mentee cohort.

    The curriculum is designed for research scientists, clinician-scientists and clinician educators. It covers a broad range of skills needed for success in your academic health career including education, research, communication and publication. Instructors are drawn from the School of Medicine's faculty as well as external experts. Program assessments revealed excellent feedback regarding program curriculum

  2. An individual project completed under the guidance of a senior faculty mentor.

    Each scholar/mentee participant will identify a project to be completed during the course of the FMP with the guidance of a senior faculty member. Projects may involve research, teaching, clinical or service activities. The project should be relevant to the faculty member's career interests and to their assigned responsibilities in the department. Participants will work with the FMP planning team to identify a senior faculty mentor to provide project guidance. Mentors will be recruited and matched to each scholar/mentee with project goals in mind. In general, a mentor will be identified from a different department than the mentee. Mentees will present on completed projects at a school event (more information will be provided).

Please take a look at the 2016 completed research projects for ideas and examples.

Participation Requirements

  1. Please watch Dr. Iain Buxton's presentation on generating scholarly ideas at length prior to submitting a program application. Contact Debra Glogovac for access to the video.
  2. Attendance to a minimum of 80% of the curricular sessions and completion of the scholar/mentee's project as proposed. The time commitment to accomplish these tasks requires a minimum of four hours per week.
  3. Submission of a completed application:
    • Includes a description of the project to be completed over the course of the FMP. It is required that the project be discussed and approved by respective department chairs or division chief as part of the application process.
    • Approval from department chairs or division chiefs and guarantee of protected time to participate in the program.

Additional Information

Completed applications, current CVs and detailed budgets should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Development via email to Debra Glogovac. Program award notifications will be made via email.

The Faculty Mentoring Program is approved for CME credit.


Jennifer Hagen, M.D.

Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Development
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
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T: (775) 784-6758

Debra L. Glogovac

NSHE Specialist I
Office of Faculty Development
University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
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Reno, NV 89557-0427
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