DHS|UNR Med Faculty Development Funding

Spring 2017 Funding Cycle Closed

Faculty Development Funding Opportunities through UNR Med

In it's 6th consecutive year of funding, the DHS|UNR Med Faculty Development Support Funding program awarded funds for 29 professional and scholarly activities. The intent, through this competitive funding opportunity, is to create a culture of discovery, diversity and excellence by fostering new approaches to teaching, the development of new research ideas and the acquisition of new clinical, research and teaching skills that will benefit our institution, faculty, students residents and patients.

Please watch for the FY18 funding announcement in July 2017!

Additional funding opportunities through UNR

The office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation offers a Faculty Travel Grant program to all academic faculty members who are at least 50% FTE within UNR. Travel grants are competitively awarded to academic faculty members who are planning to travel to present scholarly work as a senior author or specifically traveling to interact with a funding sponsor for the purpose of enhancing funding potential.

The OVPRI has made the Faculty Travel Grant application available online through InfoEd. If you have not yet completed InfoEd training, please contact Erika Waday at ewaday@unr.edu to gain temporary access to the grants portal. For assistance regarding the application process, please contact Yvonne Callan at ycallan@unr.edu.

In addition, the Research and Innovation department provides support and opportunities for research, scholarly and creative activity. Please take advantage of these available opportunities.

For more information or assistance in locating resources, please contact Debra Glogovac at dglogovac@med.unr.edu in the Office of Faculty Development.