Guidelines and Expectations for Mentees

Office of Faculty Development

Schedule regular meetings with your mentor

Be prepared to review your project application and evaluation summary at the first meeting with your mentor. Your project aims will be reviewed and revised at the second curricular session - please bring notes from this session as well. Prior to meeting with your mentor, clarify your goals and what you expect from your mentor and convey these during your first meeting. This might include reviewing/creating your project timeline and determining strategic points along the timeline to meet. In your mentoring program binder you will find a "Mentorship Agreement" form. Please review with your mentor and have both you and your mentor sign this document and return a copy to the program administrator.

At each meeting with your mentor, be prepared to follow-up on prior discussions, provide progress updates and define project goals. Respect your mentor's time and reschedule meetings that may need to be cancelled.

As a condition of the program, be prepared to report on your progress at regular intervals over the course of the nine-month program. Reporting sessions will be announced and scheduled by program administrators with attendance required.

Keep your commitments

Keep your commitments to action steps. If you are not able to keep these commitments, notify your mentor and commit to the next step in order to stay current.

Understand your mentor's role

Because this is a project-based mentoring program, also known as "functional mentoring", your mentor was selected specifically for you based on skills you noted interest in developing. The major focus of your mentoring meetings should be around progress on your project, next steps and professional goals as outlined in your program application. While it would be reasonable to ask your mentor to review your proposal, review scholarship around your project or even ask them to contribute to your writing (clarify if there will be shared authorship), the project work belongs to you and is your responsibility.

Understand your mentor's time commitment

Mentors have made a nine month commitment to work with you from January 1st through September 30th. Mentors may expect to spend more time with you at the beginning of the program cycle as you refine and launch your project. For example: 4-6 hours in January; 2-4 hours in February and two hours per month between March and September. If you anticipate a different trajectory, based on the nature of your project, please discuss this with your mentor - preferably at your first meeting.

Be open to feedback and critique!

Have honest discussions about what is and isn't working.