Women in Medicine

Office of Faculty Development

Two women physicians treating a child

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine actively supports the professional development of women faculty. We encourage women to advance in the medical field and to continue to improve healthcare. As history stands, women were under-represented in the field of medicine for a long time, but now women are empowered to be a part of such a high demand service. More dedicated, compassionate and intelligent women are being exemplified in medicine everyday, which is why the School of Medicine supports and encourages more of our women faculty in this field.

Although there has been a rapid increase in the number of female physicians entering the practice recently, there is still a lack of women in medical leadership roles. The School of Medicine is another advocate for female faculty to boost professional growth. We support movements towards diversity and gender equality and urge female faculty to be more involved in this faction as well.

woman practicing medicineResources

We've put together a list of helpful items for women to encourage personal and professional growth in medicine. Women are continually motivated to develop their skills in medicine, and the School of Medicine supports individual research and team collaboration in this field.


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