Year 3 Medical Students

Advising for Year 3

Many medical students consider career options before and during medical school, but often these decisions are not finalized until Year 4. Students in Year 3 began planning their 4th year schedule and making their specialty choices starting in January of the spring semester of Year 3.

Fourth year is a unique year for medical students, offering many choices for each student. Options and tasks for medical students include:

  • Decide upon a specialty
  • Choose to take elective courses in the areas of interest
  • Travel to other medical schools or out of the country for learning experiences
  • Interview for residency
  • Explore medical areas you may never have the opportunity to experience in the future.

Year 3 Advising Process:

Step 1: Class of 2018 Electives Workshops

Reno Campus
  • January/February
  • 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
  • Room TBD

Step 2: Advising Workshops for 4th Year Scheduling and Career Planning

Students in Year 3 will attend one or more workshops for their specialty areas of interest on the Reno campus. Students on the Elko Campus can attend selected workshops via video conference. During these workshops students will learn:

  • Am I competitive for the specialty I am interested in pursuing?
  • Do I need to schedule an away elective?
  • What are the best electives to take to prepare me for my intern year in residency?
  • How do I balance travel for residency interviews with my elective schedule?
  • How do I choose residency programs to apply to?
  • Who should be my advisor? Who can I talk to for information and help as I'm preparing for Year 4?
  • Other important information to help you as you transition from medical school to residency.

Advising Workshop Schedule.