OLLI Scholarship Fund

Your support of the OLLI Scholarship Fund will open opportunities for lifelong learning to those who need OLLI most.

As members know, OLLI at the University of Nevada, Reno is a robust member-directed organization of adults aged 50 and older that promotes personal development through intellectually stimulating programs and provides a community in which to get acquainted and socialize. We firmly believe the OLLI community is enriched by diversity that can only be achieved if all older adults in our community are given the opportunity to attend, regardless of income.

While OLLI has a large and growing membership, there are many older adults for whom membership, transportation, and special event fees are not affordable. In an effort to open OLLI to as many community members as possible, we offer scholarships to those who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

Your Contributions

Contributions to the OLLI Scholarship Fund will:

  • Provide lifelong learning opportunities to a wide range of potential OLLI members who might otherwise be unable to join
  • Increase the availability of scholarships to cover member dues and transportation assistance
  • Open opportunities for more members to attend tours and special events

Thank you for considering a contribution to the OLLI Scholarship Fund. Your support will help older adults in our community expand horizons and make connections that might otherwise be unavailable to them — and will strengthen the diversity and commitment of our OLLI membership.

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