Office of Medical Education

Office of Medical Education

Lisa Calvo Lisa Calvo M.D.
Interim Associate Dean for Medical Education; Associate Professor
(775) 327-5174
Kristen Alexander
Office of Academic Affairs and Director, Operations
(775) 682-7727
Heather Durden Heather Durden
Clerkship and Electives Coordinator
Donna Dutra Donna Dutra
Clinical Education Manager
Shontell Hlape
Clinical Courses Curriculum Assistant
(775) 682-7731
harry hull photo Harry F. Hull M.D.
International Electives Director
(651) 442-8117
Brady Janes Ph.D.
Director, Curriculum Development and Assessment
(775) 682-7733
Julianne Krogh
Administrative Assistant, Evaluation and Curriculum
(775) 682-7722
Kathy Martin Kathy Martin
Manager, Standardized Patient Education
(775) 682-6322
Amy McFarland Amy McFarland MPH
Director, Office for Community Faculty
(775) 682-7734
Mary McManus
Clerkship Coordinator
Brennan O’Keefe
Canvas – Digital Learning Resources Specialist
(775) 682-7714
Nicole Preston
Simulation Technology Specialist
(775) 682-6326
Kay Rogers Kay Rogers
Office Manager, Standardized Patient Education Program
(775) 682-6332
Stevielynn Webber
Administrative Coordinator, Office of Academic Affairs
(775) 682-7732
jeff weinert office of medical education Jeffery Weinert
Coordinator, Online Assessment
(775) 682-7361
Kelsi Whitehead
Clerkship Coordinator
Dawn Younie
Administrative Assistant; Clerkship Coordinator
(775) 327-5174

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of your medical information. Please do not use email to communicate your personal health information to physicians or other patient care staff.