Clerkship Planning and Management

Everything you need to plan and manage your Clerkships

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Class of 2024

Updated May 21, 2022. For questions about page functionality or content, please contact Kristen Alexander. 

Contacting Clerkship Personnel

Any known needed absences should be requested now. Coordinators and Directors can be found here: and links to their directory listing and email will be there for most. Make sure to copy the coordinator-their names are also listed. If there is no link (perhaps they use a non-UNR email) the coordinators will know.

FAQs and As

  • I hear a lot of mixed advice about the order in which I should take my clerkships. What should I do? A: The advice is mixed because it does not have any bearing on your ability to match.
  • Is there a way to partner in clerkships? A: There is no partner match for clerkships.
  • How does the optimization algorithm work? A: written by One45:

The algorithm will randomize the order of students (i.e. it is not alphabetical).
The algorithm then goes through each student's choices to allocate a student to the first choice that has capacity available.
The algorithm then iterates over the results and tries to optimize for the best result possible for all students.
Any students who has not received a ranked option due to capacity limitations and/or they did not complete the survey, will be assigned a random pick.

The optimization algorithm finds a student who got the worst choice (i.e. if there are 20 choices, Joe got his 18th choice and nobody got worse than their 18th choice that is the worst choice).
The algorithm then iterates over the results to see if Joe's 18th choice can be traded with anyone else to make for a lower overall worst choice (ie. If Sarah received her 1st choice, and that was also Joe's 8th choice and Joe's 7th choice was Sarah's 6th choice they will be swapped so that the worst overall choice is now 8 instead of 18. Sarah will get her 6th choice and Joe his 8th.)

  • Why are some streams identical? Are these different groups of students? A: They were used for setting up the lottery without overbooking any clerkships. They do not represent anything else.
  • Are all clerkships only one day off a week? A: No, it depends on the rotation. Syllabi are uploaded into One45 so you can view the details of each clerkship there, or talk to the coordinator.
  • If I missed the kickoff workshop, how do I get the information? A: Call Kristen Alexander (775) 682-7727


January 21, 2022 Clerkship Workshop Kickoff

TBD Future communications, workshops, to-dos. Watch for emails and bookmark this page to stay up to date!

April 11, 2022 One45 Match Lottery opens to students

May 1, 2022 One45 Match Lottery closes to students

May 11, 2022 Clerkship Schedules locked after approval in May Year 3-4 Committee

May 21, 2022 Clerkship Schedules verified and confirmed with students

June 1 - 25, Context of Patient Care (CPC) which includes some hospital prep

June 26 - July 4 Pre-Clerkship recess

Information & Tools 

  • Career Advising

  • Clerkship Workshop slides, Advising FAQ, and the meeting recording with transcripts of the chat will be available in Canvas.