Elective Planning and Management

Everything you need to plan and manage your Elective year

class of 2019 med students first days

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Class of 2023


The Change Forms open to students June 1 and close for the Fall semester October 15. The forms close December 15 for the Spring semester. Be sure to read the accompanying email sent 6/1 by Kristen Alexander.

Availability Change Form
EMER Contact Kelsi Whitehead EMER
FCM Contact Sophia DeGracia FCM
IMED Contact Dawn Younie IMED
Med/PCB/Micro/Pharm (see Radiology below) Copy both Sophia DeGracia and Kelsi Whitehead Med/PCB/Micro/Pharm
NEUR Online calendar  NEUR
OB-Gyn Contact Heather Durden OB-Gyn
Path Online calendar Path
PEDI Contact Diane Hamada PEDI
PSY Online calendar PSY
Radiology Online calendar Radiology
SX Online calendar SX

Notice of Acceptance to Away Rotation 
Required for both in-person and virtual aways. IMPORTANT: if you accept an away and then change your plans, notify the program immediately and submit a Change Form and a new Notice of Acceptance to Away Rotation for the replacement away (if applicable). If you are dropping or changing a LOCAL elective in order to schedule your away, please be sure to complete a separate change form(s).


  1. Students are not permitted to arrange rotations with attendings. Attendings are not permitted to offer rotations directly to students. Department Assistants manage all clinical placements and are aware of considerations the student or attending may not be.
  2. Students are responsible for ensuring their schedule always contains 30 plus clinical and 36 total credits; any course dropped that takes the total below 36 must be accompanied by a course addition, following the graduation requirements.
  3. All change requests (drop, add, change) are due at least two weeks prior to the start of the affected elective. You should request changes in Surgery, Emergency Medicine six weeks in advance.
  4. Please remember that some institutions' credentialing requirements take longer than 2 weeks. For example, if your credentials have lapsed at the VA you will need up to 6 weeks to be reinstated. Keep your logins active.


Elective Catalog 
Affiliations - Please contact Kristen Alexander, Interim Clinical Education Manager
Graduation Requirements
Career Advising
International Experience

General Information and FAQ

  • Replacement Masks: To replace a mask issued by Renown, please contact a floor supervisor or clinic manager for assistance in having the mask repaired or replaced.
  • Kristin Shokney is the correct person to send your AAMC immunization form for review prior to uploading to VSLO.
  • For backup immunization documents, Ebony Dennis can help you.
  • Absences are considered insurance and may be requested from the Course Director, copying the Department Assistant, for up to 3 days in a four-week rotation and 1 day in a two week rotation; time off must be made up to receive credit.

Away Information and FAQ

  • Students' away electives must either go through VSLO or have an affiliation agreement in place prior to the start of the elective in order to be authorized to attend and to receive credit.

Schedule Planning Information and FAQ

  • Students must be registered in advance of an elective if they are to receive credit.
  • The 4-week Rural Experience counts towards the 30 clinical credit minimum (unless taken in 3rd year).
  • The specialty you take during your Rural Experience does not count towards the 12-credit maximum for a single specialty. Therefore you can take 12 credits in one sub-specialty plus your rural.
  • Why can't I book two non-longitudinal electives at the same time? Elective credits assume a minimum of 40 hours a week per credit. While some single experiences allow work up to 80 hours a week, taking two at the same time is not allowed for credit.
  • Please note longitudinal courses are booked in One45 according to when the preceptor wants the grade form, rather than when the work might be in progress.
  • Why have the dates been pushed back for Advisor approvals, scheduling, and the Change Form opening? We learned that some advisors needed more time due to clinical duties. Please see revised timeline below. We also have delays in hearing back from some preceptors.
  • As you start accepting aways, fill out the Notice of Acceptance to Away Rotation (link below). It is required for both virtual and in-person aways, and will serve to update the available times that coordinators can schedule home electives for you.
  • Adobe Sign returns an error message about verifying your email. It is a known problem that thankfully does not affect your submission.
  • Aways on Planning Form: list the top 4 (if you have 4 or more)
  • List aways even if you have no details yet. For example, list what you hope to get into: Pediatric Pulmonology/4 clinical credits/July or August (see tutorial tab in Planning Form workbook)
  • Keep in mind the number of local credits that you may need to ask for if you do not get into one or more of your aways. 
  • Maximum away credits = 16
  • Electives are NOT first-come, first served. Coordinators will evaluate requests in total in order to maximize opportunities for students.