MED610 M.01 (Reno)
Teaching & Learning in Medicine

Office of Medical Education

  • Course Name: Teaching & Learning in Medicine
  • Short Name: MED610
  • Course Number: MED610 M.01
  • Location: Reno
  • Type: Clinical

Please contact the department to verify elective availability.

Description of Rotation


  • Provide a foundation in educational theory and technique within the context of medical practice.
  • Provide experiences in teaching and assisting first and second year medical students in clinical skill development.
  • Guide fourth-year student transition from med student to future teacher/mentor/preceptor. Teaching in Medicine is designed to assist the fourth year student to establish a basis for teaching during residency and for lifelong teaching, to develop skills in planning, implementing, giving feedback and evaluating students, and to identify and access teaching resources.

Description of RotationTeaching in Medicine combines didactic sessions on educational theory and technique with practical experience in teaching. Students participate in an orientation and weekly course sessions and are assigned a group of first year or second year students enrolled in the Practice of Medicine (POM) or Advanced Clinical Skills (ACS) courses. They meet with this group once a week throughout the semester and guide them in developing clinical skills. Students are responsible for planning group sessions, teaching students about selected body systems, demonstrating patient history and physical exam skills, observing and guiding students in conducting the history and physical exam, providing feedback and support to students, and completing required evaluations of students.Can be applied towards Scholarly Concentration in Medical Education.1 or 2 semesters (usually half day per week for scheduled POM/ACS classes).2 clinical credits per semester.This elective will convene every Wednesday or Thursday afternoon in Reno. Fall: Wednesdays, mid-September - mid-December.Spring: Thursdays, November-April.Most rotation preceptors are aware of this course and will excuse you for the elective. Rural rotations are excused absences; away rotations and other unexcused absences are accommodated with make-up projects.References/MaterialsAll handouts and materials posted on Canvas.Evaluation MethodStudents are evaluated on their participation in the didactic and the experiential portions of the course. Additionally, POM and ACS students will complete an evaluation of each group leader's teaching skills.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is Pass/Fail


  1. Students must not have any documented professionalism issues
  2. POM and ACS faculty have final approval for all students enrolling in Med 610


  • Honors: An exceptional performance which exceeds all course objectives
  • High Pass: A performance which exceeds most course objectives
  • Pass: A performance which meets the course objectives
  • Fail: A performance which does not meet the course objectives