Elective Evaluations and Final Grades

Office of Medical Education

Home Elective Evaluations

All evaluations of University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine elective courses are scheduled into the One45 on-line data collection program.

Students will be prompted to evaluate their preceptors and the elective course by email through the One45 program. School of Medicine elective preceptors, whenever possible, should also submit their evaluations of fourth year students through the One45 program and they will also receive email reminders at the end of each elective course.

Away Elective Evaluations

Students are responsible for providing their preceptors at other institutions with the Final Evaluation form that should be filled out at the end of the elective course and then submitted to Brandi Aiazzi at the School of Medicine so a final grade can be recorded and credit given. Some institutions/preceptors will use their own forms to submit final grades. It is your responsibility to ensure your preceptor completes an evaluation by the time you have completed your away elective.