Confidentiality Policy

Standardized Patient Education Program

Case content obtained during Standardized Patient Encounters for the CRIM high stakes clinical examinations and ACS formative SP encounters are not to be shared by students, faculty or staff with persons outside of the encounters or exam rooms. Sharing this information with others outside of the encounter or test rooms raises ethical issues and diminishes the educational experience. Case content, therefore, must not be shared between other students outside of the encounter or test rooms. Accordingly, this policy of confidentiality applies to all Office of Medical Education (OME) administered courses specifically to include CRIM, POM, ACS, and other courses using Standardized Patient cases or computer assisted instruction programs with regards to case content. Students, faculty and staff assigned to OME administered courses and corresponding cases are expected to comply with this policy.

As to all the clinical, basic science, and patient history and communication information of UNR Med Standardized Patient case content, students are expected to maintain patient confidentiality and treat these cases as though the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are applicable. The case content is not to be disclosed in any form outside of the actual student and patient encounter or examination sessions.

This requirement of confidentiality does not apply to faculty and staff working directly with case content for the purpose of creating, revising or otherwise preparing content for use in formative encounters or student examinations. Violations of this policy will be considered academic dishonesty and will be referred to the Student Promotion and Conduct Committee (SPCC.)