Policy Statement For Accommodating Make-Up of UNR MED SPE Encounters

Office of Medical Education

Given the occasional need for either students requiring excused absences from scheduled Standardized Patient Education (SPE) Program encounters or adequate numbers of standardized patients being unavailable on scheduled dates of mandatory course encounters this policy has been adopted to meet either extenuating circumstance.

  • In situations where a student has an excused course absence from a mandatory SPE encounter, the course director may request a Make-Up encounter by contacting the SPE program director within one week of the original missed encounter date. The SPE Program will recruit and train SPs to provide an alternate date for the Make-Up encounter that complies with student and faculty preferred educational needs during the same semester.
  • In situations where the number of students for an encounter date, exceeds the number of available SPs (IE. illness, injury, unavoidable circumstance), a Make-Up encounter for the unserved students who missed the originally scheduled encounter, will be offered to the course director by the original encounter date. Upon acceptance of a Make-up encounter, the SPE Program will recruit and train SPs to offer and schedule an alternate date for the Make-Up encounter that complies with student and faculty preferred educational needs during the same semester.

The intent of this policy is to accommodate all parties in the event that resources (trained SPs) or excused student absences interfere with the scheduled mandatory UNR MED curricular activities provided by the SPE program.